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Teenager needing surgery

Hi, my 16 yr old has a bicuspid valve with enlarged ascending aorta. Surgery is now being planned for this summer. Our hospital have recommended valve sparing aortic root and ascending aorta replacement surgery. Has anyone had experience of having a young person undergoing this? I am finding it difficult to find relevant information unless the patient is much older. I have also looked at the PEARS procedure and wonder again if anyone has had experience of this with a young person. I want to make the best decision as a parent so anyone who is happy to share their experience with the same age group and condition I would be so thankful.


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I’ve had loads of valve replacements from the age of 4. I’m in my 30s and awaiting another valve replacement in a few years has had one last year. My heart condition means i should had a valve op every 10 years but I’ve wreaked my heart valve though not cleaning my teeth. It’s not a nice op but deffo worth it and manageable.


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