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Happy Easter everyone. My husband is 63 & has at least moderate heart failure. He's recently been put on spironolactone (low doseage) & he's having regular blood tests for potassium & his kidneys. The tests are regularly showing readings of serum creatinine level (XE2q5) of between 106 to 117 umol/L. I have no idea of what all this means but the normality is above normal (it sez this on the results print out!) He's eGFR is ranging between 57 & 65, its currently 61. What exactly does all this mean? He recently saw an eurologist about a water works problem, he's been told he's got a slightly enlarged prostrate but was told this is not a problem. The eurologist said he's kidneys are not working as good as they could be due to his heart failure & he put him on tablets to stop frequent night-time trips to the loo, however he's still getting up at least once or twice a night. His heart failure nurse has said the eurologist has got it wrong, the frequent trips are down to the prostrate as his kidney results are normal, but how can that be the case if the readings are above range? Does anyone have any advice? Sorry for the long post

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Hello I have stage 3b kidney disease, my creatinine is raised to 108 normal range is between [ 44.0 - 97.0 ] My eGFR is 44 so I therefore have stage 3 CKD

Stage 1 90 is Normal

Stage 2 60 to 89 Mild

Stage 3A 45 to 59 Moderate

Stage 3B 30 to 44 Moderate

Stage 4 15 to 29 severe

Stage 5 15 end stage, usually needing dialysis

Most GPs, don't refer to a Urologist until Stage 4, WITH EXCEPTION.

Your husbands kidney function is at stage 2 so don't be concerned with that reading, I would be quite happy with a reading at that.

I am female, but the creatinine can also be raised in a male with prostate problems.

My husband had a "benign prostate enlargement" and had surgery for that to reduce the enlargement, as he was up 3 to 4 time in the night to wee.

Hope this is of some help.

Disclaimer: I am not medically qualified but I also have kidney issues and have lost one kidney. If you are unsure speak to your GP.

I can not comment on the creatinine level, each laboratory performs the test differently and thus has different limits for normal. [There are infact the same but given in different units]. An elevated creatinine level can indicate a kidney problem

However, I believe the eGFR is normally considered a more reliable indicator of kidney function as it measures the rate at which the Kidneys remove creatinine from the blood stream. The values you are quoting for this give a range that is at the bottom end of normal any lower and it would be undisputively suggestive of a Kidney Problem . See link below.


My advice is the urologist is a specialist in Kidney Function. If he thinks their is a problem with Kidney function their probably is. However, I would be questioning his conclusion it is because of the heart failiure. As much as he is a specialist in the kidney he is not a specialist in the heart and whether the heart damage is significant enough to be causing the problem. Doctors do tend to leap to the most obvious reason and its not always right. My cardiologist constantly wants to blame medication side effects on my GI disorder rather than change my meds.

Mild Kidney damage is very common amongst the general population. So much so it is not considered a significant finding and does not require specialist review (in the absence of other issues). It is associated as much with aging. You say the creatinine is only slightly elevated and by my understanding that eGRF has a range at the bottom of normal, therefore, the slight damage detected may as much be an age effect.

This said in your position, if you are not still under the urologist, ask for your husbands creatinine to be retested at regular intervals by your GP. Heart failure can cause and accelerate kidney problems and you want to be sure they are not getting any worse as a result.

Lezzers in reply to Midgeymoo17

Thank you. My husband is seeing his cardiologist this month so will take the results with us. Will also ask his HF nurse if she can arrange regular retesting with his GP x

not2worry in reply to Lezzers

My husband is 83 with Heart Problems since age 65 and has kidney issues as well. And all men eventually get the enlarged prostrate - my hubby is up 3-4 times a night as well heading to the loo. One thing we found our from our Cardiologist was to never take a pain reliever that has the ingredient naproxen - in the States it’s marketed as Advil and Aleve. It damages the kidneys. Use Tylenol or Aspirin.

Your husband has a long life ahead of him if he follows doctors orders, makes life-style changes and has a wife like you to look after him! Aging is part of life that teaches us things we didn’t know when we were 40! We gals also face our aging issues as well. We just have to take care of what we have. Modern Medicine gives us all the gift of living longer and for that we should enjoy every day our ancestors missed out on. Best wishes from across the pond!

Lezzers in reply to not2worry

Thank you for your really kind reply. Unfortunately, Kevin had a massive heart attack resulting in cardiac arrest when he was 42. This left him with a badly damaged heart, his condition is inoperable & his medication has kept him going along with the healthy life style change. Inevitably his condition has deteriorated, 5 years ago he was diagnosed with heart failure & we know this has got slightly worse since then. We've also been told he's high risk of sudden death & has been fitted with an ICD. I want to make sure we keep on top of the situation for as long as possible. He has a HF nurse who comes out to see him or is always on the end of the phone & she ensures he gets the right medication but every now & then I have a wobble, I'm one of these people who can handle things better if I know everything! I hope both you & your husband are keeping well xx

Thank you for your advice, that has certainly put my mind at rest xx

Thank you for your reply. I was a bit confused as he's on tablets to stop him going in the night but he still has to get up one or twice a night. This made me think his kidneys are not function well xx

Never give up hope! Being a care giver for someone we love so much can be stressful and we can worry so much. I find prayer and meditation works amazingly for me. Also with my husband I find letting him know how good he is doing helps tremendously - we play gin, take walks together and do things that try to feel normal. Our doc told us when you start looking forward to doing things that are not related to our medical issues - even it’s solving other life problems your making great progress. My prayers will be with you and yours.

Lezzers in reply to not2worry

Thank you so much for your lovely words. Take care xx

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