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just wondering about enlarged heart ,

hi I am 52 and since a child I have been told I have an enlarged heart , and its normal for me , but everytime I go for a chest x ray as I did last week for a persistant cough , the drs go into panic mode call me the nest day say I have a very enlarged heart and need a scan , I tell them I know its big just read my notes they say I need to have the scan I end up going and then get told its normal for me , anyway this time I went for the x ray Friday get a call Monday you must go for a scan I explain I know its big it always has been and don't need a scan I had one a year ago ,

but this time the dr said well you are 52 your heart is very enlarged with this being the case even if its normal for you , with it being enlarged things can change quickly , so in the end I agreed to a blood test to see if I was in heart failure a bps or something , any way I got the phone call today , he was quite surprised and said even though its quite large you are not in heart failure its very strong and normal ,

I was happy of course but now its got me thinking I have always thought nothing of it but now with him saying it can change quickly what does this mean and has anyone heard of this or got an enlarged heart that they have had all their life and been told it normal and in later years have you had any problems , thanks for reading and for any answers , san

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