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Anxious and scared


Hi there, I am new here and was wondering if anyone can give me some advice re the below.

I am 43 male diabetic (sine I was 5) and last April I was diagnosed with the acute coronary disease. I had two stents done. The consultant said that it was a warning and I was allowed to return to work and drive after a week. My consultant does not want to describe it as “heart attack” as it is so broad description and does not describe my condition properly. I did a rehab and after 3 months I was allowed to return, gradually, to play football again.

However, I always suffered from anxiety and over the last 2-3 months it has been getting worse (I am seeking help for this). It got to the point that I think about my heart 24/7 and checking my apple watch few time an hour. In addition, my blood pressure meter (Omron Evolve) showed 3-4 times an irregular heartbeat sign (even though the readings where pretty good below 130/90 and pulse around 66 and I did not have any symptoms, I know of, which would suggest that I have irregular heartbeats). That really scared me and now I am so anxious that it feels like there is always something wrong going on. I did email my cardiologist (after the first time it happened) and the response I got was that I would be put on 24 hrs blood pressure monitor to “reassure me” that there is nothing wrong (I have not had a response to when I informed about the other times yet).

Has anyone been through the similar experience and can share some advice, please? I would much appreciate it. Thank you

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Hi I find out of the two Apple Watch and fit bit that fit bit is more accurate and has a better app to record what’s going on over time. Hope this can help reassure you

Szlachcic in reply to Donkster

Thank you very much

Donkster in reply to Szlachcic

Get the Fitbit it keeps track of sleep as well which is also important factor if you have an iPhone Fitbit is a surely the way forward I have both but went back to my Fitbit after short while but don’t take it to literally although it’s pretty accurate

Hi Szlachcic, I had episodes of very fast heart rate recorded on my Apple Watch, up to about 170 bpm - it’s one of the reasons I went to my GP in the first place. At one point I had a 5 day ECG, and it was found that the high BPM episodes on my watch coincided with periods of ‘somatic interference ‘ whatever that is, so they weren’t accurate. It was very reassuring to hear. I do still wear the watch but only pay attention to the heart rate if I can actually ‘feel’ symptoms. I too was very anxious about it. Good luck with it all.

Szlachcic in reply to Kimlouise

thank you very Kimlouise. that was helpful.

Hi, I can really sympathise with the anxiety which I too suffer from. The most helpful thing I have ever found was having some counselling from a specialist cardiac psychologist when I had my ICD fitted. I was so grateful for the way she helped me to deal with the combination of my anxiety and underlying illness. I can't say that the anxiety has gone but I feel like I'm more in control of it now and that makes a big difference to my physical symptoms which I'm sure are often exaggerated when I am panicky. Hope that is of some help.

Szlachcic in reply to JulesF

Thank you. I am seeing psychiatrist this week and I will ask about specialist cardiac psychologist

Hope your appointment this week offers some further help. Best wishes 😊

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