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Low blood pressure


Good morning,

I’m new on here.

I take both Midodrine and Flecanide, long with a beta blocker. I have a pacemaker for a multitude of ablutions, had an AV node ablation but still have atrial flutter. Recently diagnosed and ? Heart failure but waiting on results.

My blood pressure is always low, hence have to take Midodrine.

Does anyone else have this issue of having to be on a beta blocker but taking a pill to increase the blood pressure?

Thanks for your time


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skid112Heart Star

Hi Karen,

welcome to the forum. Seems completely at odds with the aim of increasing your blood pressure but they do a little more than just lower blood pressure. If you have a look here bhf.org.uk/heart-matters-ma... may help to explain why

take care


Donby75 in reply to skid112

Thanks Mark, will take a look

MichaelJHHeart Star

Beta blockers also lower the heart rate. This is why they are a banned drug in sports as they could enhance performance in sports such as shooting or archery. I suspect this is why they were prescribed. They are often used to lower heart rate during a CT angiography as a heart rate of <= 60 is optimal for this.

I have low blood pressure at the mo but high cholesterol so my doc says wen my heart is healthier I should have high blood pressure. I take different medications but I was born with a heart condition.

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