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Hi went to my cardio appointment today ant it was a nightmare getting there with a sudden down pour of snow that wasn’t expected so no roads where gritted took me 2 hrs to make a normal 20min trip. Luckily the hospital was understanding as the dr was late too 🙄anyway to my results I have thickening of the heart muscle ,blood pressure for some reason is still too high so they have been doubled and I have to go for a cardio stress test. Hope you are all ok xx

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BP probably high due to the stress of getting to the appointment and running late, good luck with the stress test. Try and keep calm and not worry too much (easy to say from here I know). My husband had his first cardio check up and his blood pressure was through the roof but the doctor realised it was caused by worry and stress over the appointment.


Very well done for getting though your ordeal , I'm sure that didn't help your blood pressure at all .it's good that they still kept your appointment and it wasn't a waste of time for you ...hope your having a well deserved rest today .


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