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Ejection fraction

Hi, had my follow up echo today. It's been just over 5 months since my HA. It appears that my EF has gone down. The day after my HA the echo showed an EF of 41% which I was told was borderline for heart failure. As I'm feeling pretty good at the mo just get tired easily I didn't ask the questions I wish I had asked like will this improve? will my heart recover ? am I now in heart failure.

Can anyone advise on Ejection fractions?


Sharon x

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Hi Nomoney was just going to say Hello but I have met nomoney before, but that was a very long time ago !!

Ejection Fraction is just one of the indicators for Heart Failure and there are many others. It is very possible that your E F will improve with the Medication or with Exercise. What was your E F today and has it changed much since your 41% reading ?

Heart Failure is a scary term but it's not the end of the World by a long chalk.


Frank W


Thank you for your reply. My EF today was 38. I was hoping that it would have improved from the 41% I had the day after the HA. Hopefully the meds will help in the future. 😊



A normal EF would be 55%. You can improve your EF with medication and exercise, diet etc (all the usual good heart things to do). On the medication front, I’m assuming you have some!

I’m no expert, but it is my understanding that heart failure cannot be reversed but it can be managed very successfully (as Frank has already mentioned). And try not to get too concerned about the term ‘heart failure’, it’s covers a very wide range of conditions and severities.


Thanks. Yes I'm on beta blockers anti anginal and antiplatelets and blood pressure meds. I guess I was just surprised that after 6 months the EF was worse than it was straight after the HA. Thanks for your reply.


Hi Nomoney1970. I found out last year that I had heart failure & was wondering how I was going to break this heartbreaking news to my family. My EF was 17%. I'd been going to the gym, pilates, walking, but getting tired. Put on bisoprolol & candesartan & now have a CRT-d device fitted. In one year my life has changed but I feel absolutely great. Please look at the posts for people who have a low EF/heart failure/devices etc., take their comments & don't feel you're alone. I have embraced their comments (lauradropstitch has great positivity & common sense :) ) and be reassured there is life ahead. I wish you well.

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