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Complete mystery

Saw my cardiologist yesterday. I have HF and AF Been very breathless and dizzy since last June with episodes of falling over. Usually BP is 90/69 but yesterday was 140/70 which is ridiculous and not representative of my normal state. He thinks I may need a 3 lead pacemaker instead of my 2 lead one and that the damaged area of my heart has increased. Needs to do 24 hr BP monitor and would like to increase beta blocker to help heart but can't because of dizziness. Needs to take me to MDT meeting as he's baffled

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Hello MDT meetings are a good way to understand what is going on with your heart, and can help a Specialist Cardiologist identify what's going on !! As for Blood Pressure I have H F and can also swing from 90/60 to 140/80 for no apparent reason. I do know when it has dropped to a low level just by a general feeling of not feeling well. After an MDT meeting it was decided a Stress MRI would be helpful in understanding what's going on on !!

Just waiting on results now, it's good to have a Cardiologist who knows when to call in other Experts

Best Regards

Frank W

for lovers of 3 letter Acronyms MDT Multi Disciple Team


or even multi disciplinary team


I was in a hurry LOL


Thank you for you supportive post


Do you know what your pulse was when the BP readings were taken. Some people suffer "white coat hypertension" which raises the BP when near medical staff. This can happen to a person not prone to it if for instance something is causing worry or stress.

Are you on any other meds, including non-prescription ones, besides the beta blocker? Different people can suffer different side effects to a drug or combination of drugs,

It is good that he is pulling in a MDT as some doctors can just use the "try this and if doesn't work we will try this attitude".


Pulse was normal, around 66. BP was normal the day before when it was taken for a trial I am participating in. Suspect it was white coat syndrome as I was really wanting to be made better


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