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“Feeling” my heart

Hi all . I had a heart attack 5 months ago and had 2 stents the day after . I’ve been doing ok once the shock subsided . All the usual things I’ve read from folks here about thinking every little twinge was something terribly wrong etc but I think I’ve been getting better . I just want to ask , and I don’t want to sound silly , but does anyone else think they can “feel” their heart now . I can’t really explain but sometimes it feels like there’s a brick in my chest . Sometimes when I’m in bed I feel like I have to move because I’m squashing it !! Does anyone else feel this ?

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Hi Linda,

I could feel my heart as well for quite while after my HA and 2 stents. A heart attack is a sure fire way to focus your mind on your heart and, I believe, that's what was happening. I still feel every twinge or ache and can (well, think I can) even pinpoint where in my heart it is now.

The good news is that as your recovery progresses, and the twinges get less and less, they won't really concern you so much.


Thank you . I hope as time passes my heart and how it feels won’t be the first thought the instant I wake up , either in the night or in the morning !


I was the same for a long time but as time passes and you realise every twinge isn't necessarily a serious concern, your confidence grows, and you stop worrying so much. It does get easier, honest.


I’m sure we are much more alert after such an event, to every little squeak in the heart area. But I was also told by the Cardiac nurse, the heart needs recovery time after being ‘invaded’ and touched, and a HA and stents are certainly invasive. I had trouble lying on my left side for ages after HAs and lots of stents. Give it time.

But anything unusual, I was also told..... always get it checked out.


Thank you . I wonder if that’s why it feels kind of “bruised “ in there sometimes ? Hopefully with time it will improve .


That sounds a good description. It describes my experience well!


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