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MVR - Travel Insurance

I am 46 and have and underactive thyroid and have recently been diagnosed with early stages of MVR after undiagnosed investigations for breathing issues carried out by a lung specialist which resulted in a heart scan. He has since discharged me. I have not been referred to a cardiologist and am not on any treatment or medication or waiting for any further investigation. My doctor tells me that I will not need a further heart scan for approximately another 5 years. Although she told me that I should declare the MVR when asked on medical forms and insurance etc. However, my annual holiday insurance renewal has just jumped from £46 for a family of five to approx. £400. My breathing issues have mostly cleared up and I am slowly returning to gentle exercise and live a normal lifestyle. My question is should I declare the MVR for holiday insurance at this stage, when the medical profession do not seem bothered in the slightest by it, and it was only by chance that it was discovered? I look forward to any helpful suggestions or anyone in a similar experience - Many thanks

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It could, if discovered, make your insurance null and void which you would then have to declare on every form of insurance you try and obtain.


Hi KirstieWalker - as skid112 has mentioned, it’s really important to declare all your past and present health conditions. Leaving out information could mean your claim is refused. The BHF has some further guidance if you need it: bhf.org.uk/heart-health/liv... Hope this helps!


Hi yes I agree you need to declare everything. Insurance companies vary a lot. My husband has had tests all of which were negative, asked insurance co. for advice & was told no need to declare as there is no diagnosis or treatment. That was just one company, others may be different. I have that on an email which I will be keeping very safe! You have a diagnosis so your situation is not the same. I shopped around a lot for cover for a newly diagnosed heart condition, best quote came from Insurancewith, but still 3 times what we paid for last year. Other companies wanted a lot more, makes me wonder what rationale if any they use to price their cover. All the best with your search, the BHF information is a good place to start.


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