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81 year old getting a transcatheter implant – how tough?

Hi I am new here and have a question about my dad. He is 81-years old, has been diagnosed with Aortic Valve Stenosis, and is in the queue to get a transcatheter implant in March. Even though it is less invasive than open-heart surgery, I worry that it will be very difficult for someone of his age to recover from this operation.

My question is: does anyone know an 80+ year old undergo aortic valve replacement, and what was the outcome like? I want to find out how tough the road ahead will be, so I can get prepared.

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I don't know anything about the aortic valve I am afraid. But what I can tell you is it really is amazing what they can do now with patients concerning the heart.

My nan is 99 in August, she had a peasmaker fitted four years ago after an unexpected heart attack. No one had any idea that she had heart issues. She went on to have a cardiac arrest. The peacemaker really did give her a new lease of life.

Age doesn't seem to be as much of an issue these days when it comes to opps and procedures. Depends on other existing medical issues I guess.

I am sure your dad will feel so much better afterwards. He'll probs feel stronger than he has felt for years, bless him.

Chin up lovey, he'll do just fine with your support 💙 😊


Thanks Sina and hope your nan gets many more years of benefit from the pacemaker.

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Thank you, she really is one tough cookie. She's not wasting her peacemaker for anything bless her 😊


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