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2nd aortic valve replacement-anyone ?

Hi all, I'm 33 yrs old currently 21wks pregnant with my 2nd child. I had my aortic valve replaced with a calfs valve in June 2012 when I was 28yrs old, I was born with bicuspid aortic stenosis. Just wondering if anyone has had their 2nd AVR done and how it was the 2nd time round, I've been told I need mine replaced again as it's not working as well as it could but surgery could be in 2-5yrs which isn't a issue , I am curious if there's anyone else like me similar age who's had this done more than once and if it was any easier 2nd time round :-)

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Hi I am sure someone will be along with more relevant experience. I am due to be discharged after my first valve replacement and second open heart. I originally also had a congenital defect so my initial surgery repaired pulmonary valve and supporting structures. Second op replaced pulmonary valve. I can say so far as I know am doing as well if not better than I did the first time. It is currently 7 days total since my op. Pain is very minimal (paracetamol every 8 hours only) and walking 10-15 minutes at a time.


Sorry to hear you are going through this again. Hope you get some awnsers soon.

I'm sure one of the cardiac nurses on here will be able to put your mind at rest.

Take care now, Jo :)


Hi There, I'm 37, haven't had AVR yet but have my first coming up in Oct and going for the Inspiris valve so hoping to get 30+ years out of the valve if the trials are to be believed. It might be a good option for you as well as you're young and, assume you don't want mechanical. I talked with my surgeon and he said that second AVR should be as straight forward as the first with a skilled surgeon and risks are the same (very low) so don't worry about it. Sure it will be fine.

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Hi I'm waiting to have my second AVR in Oct/Nov, having had my first one done in 2011. I was told then it should last about 15 years but when I had a TOE procedure was told that the tissue valves don't last as long if you are young - I am 58 but apparently am classified as young in their terms! I am going to have a mechanical valve this time as I really don't want to go through another operation after this, assuming nothing goes wrong with this valve, especially as I had my spleen removed last year so now have a compromised immune system. Discuss any concerns with your surgeon he/she should be able to put your mind at rest.


This is very interesting as I had a TOE today having had a tissue valve in November 2015. Apparently the valve is ok but the supporting structure is showing some sort of narrowing. I will wait and see.


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