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Back to work

Hi ho hi ho it's back to work I go. After a long nine months I am finally deemed fit to return to work and start my phased return .(unless the snow stops me!)

The last shift I worked was 6th May 2017, I dragged myself there and by the end of the shift was feeling pretty grotty but little did I realise within a week I would be hospitalized and diagnosed with endocarditis and need urgent valve replacement surgery.

It has taken a very long nine week hospital stay and even longer recovery and rehab to get me well again. I am so grateful to huge numbers of health professionals, friends and family who have helped me to get to this stage. I felt physically ready to return in December but occupation health would not sanction a return until now. I can see now that the extra time has got me fitter, helped build up my immunity and start to get my head round everything that has happened to me .

Today I have been for a lovely sunny walk in deep snow, tomorrow work. I feel like going back to work is the end of a long journey but feeling quite nervous and emotional.

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Hi there, well done you, feel proud of yourself. Can understand the nervousness and the emotions it will be a big day. I hope you get to enjoy it, you wont get to do any work, just start slowly and get your feet under your desk again. Mine was a short 3 months out followed by a three month OH plan back to full days, tiring at first but as you build up gets better

good luck


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That's exciting news. Good luck and enjoy! x

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Good luck and congratulations on your recovery. Don’t overdue things and listen to your body. So pleased for you.

Lisa xx

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Take Care and as already said Take it Easy Easier said than done I know but do take extra care now you are as Healthy as the rest of Us lol


Frank W

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