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Pacemaker with AV node ablation

I have had 3 ablations, various meds used with no great success. This is as a result of a prosthetic mitral valve replacement some 20 years ago. The valve is still working well. It would appear that I am now looking at a pacemaker with av node ablation. I am hesitant, quite possibly because it is a last resort! Any feed back would be hugely appreciated both good and bad. And thank you.

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Hi There,

I am currently going through same process but getting a CRT-D unit rather than a bog standard pacemaker.... cause I'm special!

Anyway, as I see it I am replacing a dodgy (natural) AV Node with a reliable (man made) AV Node. It will never be as good as a health natural AV Node, but I don't have much choice if I want to feel better.

I posted a load of stuff on my blog which may interest you.



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I recently had a pacemaker fitted as my own was clapped out. I was shocked as I am only 63. I have just returned from the clinic this morning and am quite reassured by the things they can tell from the download. I have had some anxiety issues getting used to something alien controlling my heart but can honestly say I am starting to feel so much better physically. I also am thinking about it less and less each day. If the doctors think you need one go for it and good luck


Thank you for your reply, I think you are right, it is getting used to something alien at the controls! Just the sort of encouragement I need, thank you again.

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