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Advice needed


Hi, I’m 38 and had 2 heart attacks on the same day just before Christmas. I’ve been discharged from hospital but feel a bit lost and have unanswered questions. 4 weeks on I still occasionally feel breathless when I walk, feel twinges and tired all the time, is this normal?

I’m still waiting for my cardiologist appointment but was wondering if anyone else is in the same boat?

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Hi Jtn23

Hope you don't mind me replying.

I am not in the same boat however, I am sure that what you are experiencing is entirely normal. I guess your body has been through a very traumatic event and will need time to recover. I am certain someone will come along soon to answer your questions and allay your worries.

This forum is top notch for helping you rebuild your confidence during periods of uncertainty and when you have your appointment with your Cardiologist fire away with the questions.

Keep your chin up and all the best with your recovery.


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Thank you Cube.

Hello there, sorry to hear of your horrible episode of attacks.

I had my heart attack Sep 14, yes everything you are feeling I also expieranced.

To you four weeks later feels like forever. But as I later found, it really is a very short time since your heart went through this very tiring trauma.

It takes time for the heart to get over such an ordeal.

Also your body takes time to adjust to all the new medication you are now takin.

Mentally your mind has also just put your body through a great deal with the worry and shock it has just expieranced.

Trying to look and sound ok to family and friends, is tiring in it's self.

However I do feel you should keep a diary of sleep pattern's, tiredness' diet, physical activity, Any stress you may have or be feeling.

Always have an up to date list of meds in your diary.

Also any copies of documented ECGs & other medical notes is very usefull for any future issuess. Concerning paramedics & A&E.

Maybe have a chat with practise nurse or Gp with any concerns.

Also if you are not booked onto cardiac rehabilitation, then I would ask them to sort that out.

Cardiac rehab is wonderful. Those guys that work on the rehab teams really do help to guide and reassure you on the dos & don'ts when you have any cardiac issues.

They help you understand that there is indeed a good quality of a long life after heart issues. It isn't all doom & gloom.

You like myself & many others on this forum have come through this horrible ordeal. Now we are here to tell the tale.

It can only be onwards & upwards from here on in.

Just ask and except any support offered. Remember be nice to yourself rather than hard on yourself.

Be understanding and patient with family & friends. Remember they are as shocked and scared as you are. And like you, this is all new to them, therefore they don't have all the answers.

Make the most of this rest time as it won't last forever lol.

Light walking and pottering around is good for you until rehab. Just don't lift heavy things like full kettles etc. Just put in the amount of water you actually need.

If you want to put a wash load on, then just life little clothing and often. You have got plenty of time to do if. Washing up is ok as long as you don't lift heavy pans dishes etc. No hovering for a few weeks yet.

hobbies like painting, sketching, writing, brain games, etc. Try to get the balance of rest and activity. Last thing you want to do is just sit around. The heart needs exercises to pump that blood around the body

Just talk to your cardiac team, GP, or practise nurse to find out your own indevigual capbilities.

Keep us in the know on how you are doing. Best wishes & supportive hugs,

Jo :))))

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Thank you Jo. Yes, It’s been 4 weeks since the heart attacks and seems such a long time ago, but you are right, in consideration to what happened it’ll take time to recover. Thank you for also confirming what I am facing with being breathless and tired is normal after a heart attack.

I also try to keep a smile on my face and not talk to anyone about what I’m experiencing just so they don’t worry, it’s tough sometimes!

I’m really tired but I am also struggling to get a good nights sleep, not sure if that’s the medication or just things on my mind. I have also started to feel really anxious over the last few days, not really sure why, did you also have this?

I have my cardiologist appointment at the end of this month now, when you refer to Cardiac rehab, is this the cardiologist?

People say this should be a wake up call but at the moment I i just feel a little demotivated to do anything, hope this changes in time.

Many thanks for replying to my post, it’s nice to know I’m not alone and have people to talk too.

I hope you are now better and have fully recovered?



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I had heart attack at the end of 2016 and can confirm what has already been written i.e. there is a necessary period of rest when you may will feel tired and breathless (perhaps due to medication?). In answer to your question, the cardiac rehab refers to the process of cardiac rehabilitation.

This started for me about 4 or 5 weeks after my heart attack and basically involved twice weekly attendance at a centre attached to the hospital. After a fitness evaluation I was put into a group of similar people where we worked in the gym at a number of different exercises e.g. 10 stations at which we performed a set exercise for 3 minutes. The intensity was determined and monitored by the staff.

Having a heart attack dents most peoples confidence in their physical capabilities and the rehab session give you a very important psychological boost in addition to the more obvious physical benefits. I loved it and still attend "Level 4 Cardiac Rehab" a year later.

Wishing you a great recovery - just don't rush it!

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Brilliant, thank you so much NathanBlau

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Hey no worries.

Just goes to show though, my group at rehab only got to go once a week. And it only lasted 8 sessions. Postcode lottery I guess.

It sounds like no one from the cardiac team or your Gp has mentioned it.

I would try and get a telephone consultation with your Gp 2moz. So you can get booked on to cardiac rehab as soon as.

It really does take away any worries or anxieties you may have about the whole ordeal.

I know you are trying to be brave around your loved ones.

But to talk about what has happened together. Then to talk about how it has made you all feel together. Will be a problem aired is a problem shared.

Like I said in my last post, they are going to be just as, if not more scared than you.

That is where rehab is so wonderful. You can take partners or anyone else with you sometimes to most rehab groups.

That's when you realise things arn't as bad as you first thought.

Take care now, Jo 😊

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Thanks Jo. I have a GP appointment today so I’ll ask them. Thank you for all your advice, it’s really helped me. Once your out of hospital your left to fend for yourself therefore talking on here really helps.

Sina-6491 in reply to Hidden

Hope the appointment went well 😊

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It went okay thanks. I have a list of questions for the cardiologist. The GP also changed one of my medications as I was feeling really light headed.

Sina-6491 in reply to Hidden

Great to hear you are getting the support you need.

I hope the change of meds means you'll have a better weekend Jo 😊

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Hi Jo, thanks. I started my new medication yesterday so it’s early days, but hopeful they will stop some of the issues I am facing.

At the moment I feel like I’m not to sure what to do going forward as I had 2 heart attacks but I was just monitored in hospital. When I had my angiogram they said most of my arteries are getting blocked but not blocked enough to put a stents in, so having the heart attack there was no definitive resolution to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Not sure if the cardiologist could answer this? I feel like I’m left I’m limbo as nothing was done after. When I called the cardiologist I am seeing the cardiologist nurse.

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There is a “Level 4” Cardiac Rehab that is conducted outside of the hospital system if you want to carry on the process. I think probably easy to find on the web and generally run at sports centres or community halls etc.

I have been going for a year now and really enjoy it - met some great people too!

Sina-6491 in reply to NathanBlau

Thanks👍 sounds good, I'll check it out 😊😊😊

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Thanks, I’ll have a look online

LizzieN2 in reply to Sina-6491

Had to smile at you definition of a heavy weight. After my heart attack i was told not to lift or push heavy things "Like what" I asked. "Well don't push your car if it breaks down" . ....all relative I guess.!!!

I was in the same situation on Boxing Day 2015 had one heart attack and then another early hours in the morning in hospital and was blue lighted for stents .... it’s just the shock of it all and your only 4 weeks into recovery if you have any worries or concerns go and see your GP ... As I always say it’s mentally trying to get over it as well, Take Care ... ♥️

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Thank you JakJenLew

JakJenLew in reply to Hidden

Your welcome ... ♥️

good luck and a awsome recovery

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I have a different heart condition but had a op 4 months ago and get breathless easily.

Just joined. I had a heart attack the week before Christmas (last month) Didn't want to bother the ambulance service in case it was nothing, so took paracetamol, went to sleep, and still took my Grandson to the pics the next day. I was advised to go to GP, and I was taken straight to hospital. I had a stent fitted in the right hand side of my heart. I have been experiencing the same as the original author of this thread, so it was nice to read all the answers, and to realise it really is a short time scale of recovery. Thank you so much.

Hi there,

Sorry to hear this, but hope you are well on the mend now. With a wonderful new brighter year ahead.

Everything I have said to jtn23 is also for you. I hope my exspireance & advice help you in some way.

Don't forget though, we are all just like you. We have exspireanced these heart issues and we have received verious wise words of advice from cardiac teams, Gps, nurses, the BHF nurses on this forum and advice from our friends on this forum. However, none of us are generally medically trained.

Of course some heart suffers may well be medically trained. Trouble is, you don't actually know them & they don't know you. On hear we are patients or family and friends of patients, that is it, so it is advice only.

We are all indetviguals, so if at any time you feel things just aren't quite right. Then you must seek professional medical advice.

Yiu take care now, you have all our best wishes. Jo 😊

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