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Recent AVR Replacement

I am into my seventh week of having my Aortic Valve replaced. The first 10 days were fine, then I got a chest infection, followed by fluid on my lung. The chest infection has been resolved, but I am still being treated for fluid. Considering the operation was seven weeks ago, I am still out of breath, I find it very difficult to walk any distance. I should have started Cardiac Rehab a month ago, but that has been put off, seems no end insight till I can be considered fully fit. Has anybody else experienced what I have gone through and any advice.

Many thanks

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I’m due to have mine replaced soon. I have started following Adam Pick Heart Valve Journal site. It’s American but a few Brutish people on there too. It’s a mine of information and a great place to get info from others too. He has a great explanatory book too.


I had my AVR 7 weeks ago too. I haven't had a chest infection but I still get very breathless at times, which is worse if it's cold, hence not doing as much walking as I should be doing. I've got my check up with my surgeon on Monday so will see what he says - I'm hoping to go back to work at the end of the month.

Hopefully once the fluid problem has been cleared you should improve. If you're worried, give your cardiac team a ring.


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I'm also 7 weeks post op. Luckily I've not had a chest infection, but still find it painful to take a really deep breath. I agree with Wendy, the cold weather doesn't help. I'm having a cardiac rehab assessment next week so I hope to find out more as I'm keen to restart my hobby of singing, which is painful at present. I still get quite tired and need a nap during the day, though I do sleep well at night. I'm 66 years of age, non smoker, previously in good health. Best wishes, Margaret



Good luck for your Cardiac Rehab Assessment next week. I have also got mine next week, so hope for some good news and advice.


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I’m 4 months into recovery and still getting out of breath.


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