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Cardiologist - what to expect

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Hi all; new poster here (although I post regularly on HU's asthma forum).

I suffer from a fairly complex set of lung problems (asthma, ABPA & a form of bronchiectasis) for which I have regular tests, check-ups & a mountain of medication.

As part of my treatment, I recently had a heart scan done which revealed some minor leaky valves, etc. (not of real concern & probably age-related - I'm a 53-year-old man - according to both GP & lung consultant) .

However, in the course of the discussion I mentioned that I have always noticed from home BP checks & a FitBit that I have a slow heart rate (average resting 48/49BPM; dropping to mid-30s at night). I had never thought much of it in truth until a colleague mentioned it when comparing FitBit scores! None of my medication would cause that, so my GP arranged a 24-hour ECG & subsequently a cardiology referral.

My appointment is now arranged for late Feb., so I'm just wondering what they might do, ask, anything I should go prepared with, etc.? Given the fact that my lung problems are fairly complex, I'm also worried about the combined impact of the two, especially over time & wonder if anyone with a similar combination might suggest things that I ought to be asking or looking to find out?

Thanks for any advice/suggestions.


7 Replies
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Hello Minushabens

I am unable to advice on your situation but like yourself i do have low heart beat but remain in 40s, does not go below 42. I don’t have/use FitBit to monitor my HB 24/7 but use my smart phone sensor to monitor resting HB.

My consultant was made aware of low HB and he did arrange for 7 days HB monitor and results showed that i have funny HB thrown every now and then, he was not concerned about it but it stopped him to prescribing me beta blockers.

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Hi Minushabens , welcome! When you see your doctor or cardiologist, it’s not always easy to know what to ask. The BHF has a quick guide that can help you prepare:

You can also get in touch with our cardiac nurses if you have any further questions or just want to chat to someone before your appointment:

Hope this helps and all goes well.

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MichaelJHHeart Star

Basically "Heart and Lung" go together so I would imagine the consultant would be fairly au-fait or consult with a college. After all hospital such as the RB specialise in the two.

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Thank you very much, everyone, for the responses; the link is really useful as well :-)

@Mandm65 - I think my Holter test showed something about occasional irregular beats, but much like you my GP said they thought it might not be a big issue. On paper, I don't think my heart issues alone are overly serious, but I know that my lung issues are & (ideally) don't want any extra pressure (nor indeed extra medication if I can help it, as I'm already on c.20 medication doses/day for that set of problems + blood pressure.

I appreciate the responses anyway & thanks to you all.

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Right great to know that your heart issues alone are overly serious and funny HB while there, is not causing any issues. Strangely my funny HB disappears completely during the exercise but does return after the HB reaches a lower thrash sold, how about you?

I wish that you all the best for your lung issues, and yes I agree I would always prefer to avoid taking any medication unless I have no other choice.

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Minushabens in reply to mandm65

I don't really know about the heartbeat, to be honest; I didn't even know I had it until I got the Holter results back! I can't actually remember how the GP described it & I've not got a copy of the report myself, but it was along the lines of unexpected erratic beats at periodic/irregular intervals. I think he was initially worried (as was I) that it could be knock-on from the lung issues, possibly pulmonary hypertension, although my lung consultant subsequently said that my scans rule that out.

I don't really do energetic exercise as my lung issues largely prevent that, although I'm active & have a physically demanding job, so will keep that in mind as something to look out for if I can.

Thanks again :)

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You are right missing HB is not something we could pick up, it usually reveals by the Holter test or the stress test. Mine was picked up during the stress test but it disappeared when I passed certain thrash hold but returned as the HB started to return to normal.

Listen no need to worry about this but yeah do keep in mind, specially if you are due a stress test in the near future.

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