An insite into the work bhf do yo raise funds ...Video of some charity work I did for BHF

Hope this works ..its strange that in the summer I was helping big to raise money and now I am using this forum for help for myself ..hope the link works ,it was fun working with the young vlogger just jodes trying to teach her to upcycle stuff from the bhf chatity shop

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  • Hi there - thanks so much for your fundraising work! We really appreciate all your efforts and it looks like you had fun getting into some creative fundraising :)

    I hope you find everything you need on the forums,


  • Thanks Chris it was a pleasure and I enjoyed it a lot ...this forum and it's member are great x

  • Aw, amazing! And I'm so jealous of your job! I upcycled a man's shirt into pyjama bottoms for my daughter for the Big Stitch, was very pleased with them...if only pesky children didn't grow so fast. Let me know if you ever have any crafty fundraising plans you think I could help with in the future :)

    (think that link should show you my Big Stitch project)

  • Ah hello laura ,they are so sweet ..i will of course pass on the word if I do anything else .

    Not sure what I'm doing at the moment but when I'm up and running again who knows 😁

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