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Concerning symptoms

Hi everyone,

I have just found this site having been a supporter of BHF for 15years since first diagnosis of a "heart murmer" in 2002. For the last 4 years I have been having regular checkups with my cardiologist, usually an echocardiogram. Recently, these have been every 6 months and now I am at the stage of needing to have the valve replaced, probably next summer. However, the reason for my post is this. No-one has answered my question as to why I get chest pains on exertion. Not so much breathless but definitely chest pain, which can be quite severe on occasion. My cardiologist tells me that this is not caused by my valve problem and may not improve after valve replacement. I do not have any artery problems having had angiograms 12 months ago. Can anyone enlighten me please?

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That sounds heart realated to me but I’m not medically trained.


I had chest pains on exertion and my GP referred me for investigation for a possible digestive problem and found I had duodenitis. However, five years later the same symptoms were diagnosed as angina and eventually

I had a bypass operation.

So, explain your symptoms to your GP and ask if it could be a digestive problem.


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