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Cardiac syndrome x

I was diagnosed with cardiac syndrome x five years ago when i was 45 years old. I have found so little information out there and no support groups in my area. I'm really pleased to have found this sight! My symptoms get worse at night, can anyone give me advice on this, someone mentioned raising the head end of the bed, anyone know? Thank you for any advice given. Julie. 😊

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Hi there, the BHF website has some information here bhf.org.uk/heart-matters-ma...

Hopefully one of our lovely members will also be along shortly with their own experiences


Thank you so much, i really appreciate that. Nice to see someone else is also awake at 5.50am! 😊

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Good morning. I am 47 and I was diagnosed with cardiac syndrome X in September. I am still at the disbelief and devastated stage and very frustrated at the fact I have angina everyday.

Im so sorry to hear that your symptoms get worse at night, a time when you are meant to rest and recuperate! Im interested that your angina is ‘after’ the days activity. It is only recently that my chest pain is sometimes coming after I do an activity instead of during. I have been thinking about your theory about raising the end of your bed to help your problem. I have a nursing background and my own thought is that this increases blood pressure, so whilst you might think that the blood flow to vessels may be better, you then have a further increased demand on the heart to cope with that and hence a demand on the tiny vessels to provide a bloody supply. The result being, in my case, buckets of GTN to make it all go away and a dreadful headache!

What does everyone else think to that logic?!

Have a nice day everyone



Hi katie, thank you for your advice, i will take it on board. I'm new to this site, so it's good to hear from other people in similar situations. I'm sorry about your diagnosis. I went through the denial/frustration stage also at the beginning. I could only focus on what i couldn't do anymore(i used to climb mountains) Trust me, you will get through that stage. I now appreciate the things i can do and hopefully you will get there soon. Take care, Julie. 😊

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I have Cardiac Syndrome X, MVD, and had a MI. It is more usual for most people to be worse at night or for it to wake you with chest pains. Although like morning sickness doesn't like to restrict itself so anytime anywhere!! Lol. Well when it's misbehaving I find it better propped up otherwise I get more short of breath. Cold weather is a b...h too so back to walking the dog with a scarf over my mouth on the coldest days. I have been doing that for a few years ..now they recommend it for asthma so I was ahead of the trend!

There are no support groups it seems I think we could do with one for this tricky disease/condition so definitely agree with you.



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