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How Long Does One Wait?

MichaelJHHeart Star

I was referred by my local hospital to Harefield for a quad-bypass three months ago. So far I have not even had the initial consultation. What is the usual wait? I have felt out-of-sorts all year and it is starting to get me down!

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skid112Heart Star

Hi Michael, have you received anything from Harefield at all? If not three months is rather a long time to wait, I would chase your local hospital to see what has happened

Hi there,

Seems rather a long time and no correspondance..i would ring and ask


Make a nuisance of yourself.

If you know the surgeons name, call his secretary and ask her, she will know. Or phone Cardiology Dept at Harefield. Make a nuisance of yourself. You can also call whomever referred you. Also your GP will have contacts.


Frank W

A walk into A & E will help -)

I agree with everyone else here. I would have expected things to have moved a lot more quickly than you have experienced. Make a nuisance of yourself. Park yourself on the phone and don't let up until you get a good result. You really should be seen quickly.

Good luck


Hi Michael

i can understand how you feel, although i have had contact from the Brompton i have had to chase them and nag them to get my pre-assesment done, although that doesnt mean the operation is iminant. i was diagnosed that i need a triple bypass in August but the operation doesn't seem to be any nearer and my symptoms are getting worse and more frequent, so not to have heard anything must be so horrendous. i had to call the ambulance last night, took me in but did useual test sent me home, there was no see your GP, we will get an appointment with cardiologist, the whole system doesnt seem joined up, talking to each other.

sorry gone off on one all about me, sorry but understand the frustration and the fear of having an unknown unstable heart inside you and having to wait for the one thing to put it right, while the condition deteriorates. We live in a time where so much is instant, high speed, order things today get them tomorrow, everything happens straight away yet something as important as our health seems to take forever to get sorted.

also we hear on here of people who are getting treated and we are still waiting.

so understand your frustration and fear start nagging, see your GP get them to chase things let them know your still there waiting. just to say your not alone out here.

God Bless you and hope and pray you get sorted soon.


MichaelJHHeart Star
in reply to Charlie0007

Thanks for your reply, and the others too. I did speak to my GP and he says he will escalate if my symptoms get worse. The various drugs (six) generally control the angina but do have side effects. Being unable to walk any distance and the tiredness do get me down. I do not understand the delays we face. It is as if there are no targets in place...

Michael J...


in reply to Stitchdw

You should click on MichaelJH.s name and see his follow ups to this.

MichaelJHHeart Star
in reply to shopman

Reminds me I need to update my profile. The wait was excessive with the referring and referred to hospitals blaming each other.

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