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Here’s my contribution to Skid112 Weather post

Autumnal walks certainly are magical, what a good idea to ask heart chums for photos Skid112.

This photo was taken at Coombe Hill in the Chilterns, on a good day you can see across five counties. Boris has obviously managed to get into the picture along with my son-in-law and two grandsons.

Wrap up well and enjoy an autumn walk kicking up leaves, nothing better for lifting the cockles.

Dory xxx❤️💕❣️

4 Replies

Fabulous what a wonderful view


Lovely pic Dory...... and we are neighbours! 😀 I live in aylesbury.... and used to go up coombe hill to fly kites when my son was younger. Must visit again soon. Glad you enjoyed the autumn day xxx


Thank you Heartlady1, what a small world. Xxx🐕


Beautiful view


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