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Results of stress test

So I had a stress test Friday and got my results back everything seems fine and dr said they would just have me back in 9 months but I’m concerned that my blood pressure dropped during stage 3 of the stress test anyone have this happen or know why?

Here are my results:

There was no ST segment deviation noted during stress.

Baseline EKG showed NSR with RBBB.

Systolic BP dropped in Stage 3 from 151mmHg to 100mmHg but in immediate recovery was 131mmHg.

Normal exercise tolerance at 10.6 mets.

No EKG criterial of ischemia.

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i think that sort of question should be directed at your GP or cardiologist, the usual members here wouldn't really have the expertise to comment on this


Hi, Alicia. If you are worried, dont be concerned about checking the technical details again, with your GP. But you did get the OK afterwards, so it should be fine. The only slightly relevant detail I remember is a Cardiac nurse once telling me that the BP can go down when the HR goes up, and it would go up in Stage 3. When I think about it, it is logical!

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