I’m joining in, here is Lulu my Goldendoodle, she is 8yrs old.

I think she knew before I did that I had a problem because for a month before she used to smell my chest round where my heart is. She has now become my walking rehab buddy, she always comes back to make sure I’m ok, but having her has been a god send, you don’t realise how far your walking when you have a dog and some days Lulu tells me when it’s time to go home. I can walk a mile in 16 mins now. I’m going to have counselling with the NHS steps2wellbeing, I started rehab on the 1st and they think I have post traumatic Stress, so I’m booked in for the 23rd Nov.

As well as Lulu I also have 3 cats 🐈 🐈🐈 now I just sound like sad cat lady 😂

Kaz 💕❤️❣️

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  • Lulu is lovely, I’m not surprised she knew something was wrong. Dogs have such sensitive noses and an inbuilt ability to recognise all sorts of things, something we humans have sadly lost.

    So pleased that she is such a great companion and walking buddy.

    You certainly have a choice of pets to cuddle up with.

    I wish you well with your counselling next week, I do hope you feel better soon. Meanwhile, keep walking!

    Dory x🐕💕

  • Aw, what a sweetheart! I read a (true) story about a woman whose rescue cat acted as a life-saving pacemaker for years, waking her owner up every time her undiagnosed heart condition caused her heart rate to drop dangerously low while asleep. Pets are the best.

    Good news about the counselling. I found my sessions with the psychologist helped massively. Well done for pursuing it x

  • Thanks Laura

    I do hope you are feeling better by the day. I didn’t think that

    PTS could be linked to operation, you just connect it to

    our brave armed forces or to someone who’s been in a terrible accident or terrorising situation , I’m sure it will help. Hoping your still relaxing on the 🛋 best wishes Kaz❤️💕❣️🐈

  • She looks lovely. We have a couple of cats as well, they tend to avoid me unless they are after food, mainly as I an forever chasing then out of my veg patch!!

  • Thanks she is a great dog, and my cats only want me for food

    They rule this house 😂

  • They say that dogs have owners and cats have staff!

  • I also have 3 cats who definitely think they have staff lol

    Lulu just thinks she’s human lol

    Hope your doing ok ❤️💕❣️

  • Getting there thanks, keep slaving over your pets they make your life! We had a German Shepherd, then 5 Bullmastiffs who are like people and gentle giants but don`t live very long. Our last one was called Jeffrey he was 10 stone and had special needs but not one bad bone in his body. Enjoy them while you can and have fun.!! x

  • Ahh glad your getting there.

    Before Lulu we had a St Bernard called Delilah, like having a Shetland pony living with you lol she too was a gentle giant, she made it to her 10th birthday bless her.

    Take care ❤️💕❣️🐾🐾

  • Thanks Ethel your Boris is a fine chap, at least having a dog makes you walk, it would be so easy to say “I’ll do it tomorrow”

    Without one.

    “ A dog is for life, and a Heart condition” ❤️💕❣️

  • She looks beautiful. We originally wanted a dog but our lifestyle would have made it difficult and unfair on the dog - we both work full time and at the time were away nearly every weekend for most of the year at motorcycle race meetings. With cats they weren't that bothered as long as someone fed them!

    I get my doggie fix by going to see my friend, he's got a gorgeous chocolate Labrador called Arthur.


  • Can't believe none of us have mentioned her can of beer... Cheers, Lulu! 😂

  • Strange how they know. My guide dog who has never jumped on any bed as they are trained not to did so the day I suspect I had the heart attack. I never felt the HA but Asher my dog would not get off my chest. He nudge and groaned. He is a retriever/lab and although I pushed him away from me and told him to get down he just wouldn't budge. That particular day he was agitated, talkative and just not behaving , I thought it was because we where on holiday, but when the HA was diagnosed it all made sense. The only negative thing is I didn't recognise he was trying to tell me. Now if he did something like similar and I didn't feel to great I will take note.

  • Oh bless Asher, it’s amazing how they know and can detect when there’s a problem. Same goes here if ever Lulu starts showing signs, I will understand

    there may be a problem.

    Take care ❤️💕❣️🐾🐾 Kaz

  • I am still suffering with PSD, had HA March 31st followed by emergency bypass as arteries totally blocked. I constantly asked for counselling and never got anywhere so I am pleased that you are getting help. I am on a waiting list to see a counsellor, but been waiting since coming home. Majority of the time I'm OK, but just occasionally the odd day or the odd moment I hit the ground with an enormous thump. I think talking it through helps, but this forum has been a saviour. Everyone is very supportive, some great listeners and sound advice too. However, the greatest bit is the understanding from members. Yes, I have a huge network of family and friends doing their bit, but on here there is a deeper understanding because people have or going through it themselves and are speaking from personal experience. So keep on chatting and let's us know how you are.

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