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cholesterol level

Hi can anyone help me understand a reading my husband was given for his cholesterol after a blood test he has just had done. Briefly he was asked to stop his cholesterol 6 months ago because he needed to have a biopsy on his muscles done. we are still waiting. He is on Statins after having a cholesterol of 10.4 and needing a stent fitted some 14 years ago. His results from the receptionist today was she admitted she didn't understand were HDL 6.7 LDL 4.7 there was another one she wrote down but we can't read it properly ?DL 1.1 Is this ok. He was told he could make cholesterol out of lettuce.

Many thanks for any help

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Hi, Its too high but the good part is the HDL meaning good cholesterol needs to be more that the LDL which is the bad cholesterol, I was at 10.2 being treated with statin Lipitor 40mg which done nothing for me in fact over 2 yrs I went from around 8 to 10.2 !, hence as told a build up of bad LDL , I wont go into my journey but glad to say I am here still, the problem with cholesterol is the part called Triglycerides that come from the LDL and create the fat deposits in your arteries that will build up and can cause a problem. I am now under UCL London hospital as my readings as described were very unusual and now under two different meds that have brought me down to 6 but my HDL/LDL are very close so still a work in progress for me, hopefully what ever meds are prescribed for your husband will do better than me, if not then I would suggest you go my route with UCL.

Wish you luck and I hope this helps.


Hi Gillyg,

It would be advisable for your husband to have a discussion with his GP about the results in the first instance.He appears to have had very high cholesterol levels previously( caused by making too much cholesterol in his body regardless of lifestyle/diet), which may well have been a significant factor in his requiring stents.His arteries are prone to furring up and we want to slow down /reduce the risk of this happening again. Your GP may want to refer him to a lipidologist if statins aren't an appropriate medication at this present time.

I hope this has helped.

Take care,



Oooo interesting post glad I read this and hope that your issues are resolved. Glad somebody explained this though. I have been diagnosed with hyper familial cholesterolemia which obviously I have had all my life my cholesterol is not too bad at the moment the last test was 9.5 whilst taking rosuvastatins I have been referred to the lipid clinic which to be honest I don't really understand .... I was aware I had an issue before they diagnosed it, my father died at the age of 50 I have now lived two years longer than he did which is odd. I do keep an eye on what I eat ..... although porridge every morning for the last 3 years though is wearing a tad thin! I sit there and listen to all the numbers they quote and the letters after it and just nod, I am none too sure what else I can do is there anything else that I can do to lower the number? The lipid clinic told me that those cholesterol lowering drinks etc are not going to help.

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