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Awaiting results

I'm not sure if you remember my previous post so I'll summarise. I'm 38 and have 2 small kids. I collapsed at work a few months ago and to my surprise an ecg showed heart block. I've recently had my echo and a 5 day recorder so I'm anxiously awaiting results. I'm still having regular faints, feel exhausted all the time, runs of bradycardia, get out of breath up stairs and get blue fingers when I walk too far. I'm working 3 days but it's so hard. I'm so close to a diagnosis and hopefully a treatment plan. Thanks for the support.

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Hello butterfly, an anxious wait for you but hopefully getting to the bottom of your condition

Take care



Two small children and working three days a week sounds like a lot to be doing when you have symptoms like that. Hope you are making the most of every opportunity to put your feet up. Waiting is horrible, but hopefully your results will lead to a treatment plan that has you feeling better soon. Lots of love x


Hi you definitely have a lot to contend with just now, hopefully when you get a diagnosis the treatment will make you feel a bit better, take care char x


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