Feeling Good

Well I had a double heart by pass back in April and I followed the hospital gym recuperation programme in August/Sep which I must say was fantastic and well supported by the physio and especially the 2 x heart nurses that attended each sessions. The NHS have been fantastic for me during this stressful time.

After doing the gym course I was given the opportunity to join a council run gym at a reduced rate for 3 months which I did.

Since my op in April I have managed to lose 2 stone in weight and I have started and nearly completed the couch25k jogging/running app and feel so good In myself.....health/mind wise. I can now jog for 28 mins and will look to complete it next week and jog/run for 30 mins.

I now eat breakfast everyday, eat smaller meals and healthier meals, do lots of exercise ( a swear word before my op!!!).

I feel so go good in myself I just want people to believe in themselves and keep going, if I can do all these things everyone can.

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  • That's great to hear! Must have been a lot of hard work, but obviously well worth it. Well done and hope you continue to feel good :)

  • Very hard work Laura but well worth it.

  • Well done, you are an inspiration!

    I had a mitral valve repair 6 weeks ago today then had complications and have been really poorly. After returning from hospital for a second week I sat and thought the rest of this year could go two ways: 1. sitting around eating chocolate biscuits feeling sorry for myself or 2. Being positive, Eating healthily and Getting outside walking as much as I was able to everyday. I went for option 2 although option 1 was attractive. I cannot believe how good I feel despite what I've been through. Must finish off by saying there's no harm in sitting around either as rest is paramount to recovery!

  • Thank You Shopgirl.....option 2 is so much the better option. If you can achieve the first point of being positive the rest will slowly fall into place.

    Listening to your reply to me I know you can do it and will do it.

    Don't knock yourself you are an inspiration yourself and will feel sooooooo much better.

    If you are on a bad day 😂just send a message to me and shout at me!!! Then go away and be positive 😉.

    Be positive and also enjoy one chocolate biscuit!

  • Thanks Timd61

    It's so true about having a moan and then going out and being positive. That's why this forum is so good.

    Keep up the good work/jogging🏃🏃🏃

  • Amazing job! You're doing so well :)

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