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Pleurodesis following valve replacement surgery - supporting a close friend

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After urgent surgery for previously undiagnosed aortic and mitral valve disease, pneumonia and several pleural effusions followed. Eventually a pleurodesis was carried out. My friend is 62 and has other health conditions.

Does anyone have experience of this type of complication after valve replacement surgery?

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Hi Kate, I had my mitral valve repaired 5 weeks ago and after returning home my health deteriorated. After 2 visits to A&E firstly for v low blood pressure and dehydration I was diagnosed with a pericardial effusion - fluid build up in the sack surrounding my heart that was drained and a pleural effusion which was later drained. I didn't need a pleurodesis. I felt very poorly indeed but I'm now at home feeling exhausted from the ordeal. I'm otherwise young (50) and fit and was told it was an unfortunate complication of the surgery.

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Kate_41 in reply to Shopgirl

I hope you are starting to feel better now. Your situation is very different from my friend’s as she also is s survivor of four different cancer primaries including breast and colon. When about to undergo surgery for the colon cancer her heart condition was diagnosed and she then had to have tissue valve replacements.

She is an inspirational woman and has showed how it is possible to overcome the most difficult health problems against the odds

Good luck to you x

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