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Aren't medical abbreviations fun!

MRC, TR, SOB, HTN, JVP....what a collection of abbreviations!

...and it's only taken me half an hour to decipher the letter I received today from the meeting I had with a member of my consultant's team 10 days ago.

An interesting read, with good news, bad news and food for thought.

How many of you have had such a letter and thought "Can someone translate this!?"

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Yep not a clue what any of that means, so well done on working it out 😗

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Normally (although not necessarily ) some are these:

SOB- shortness of breath

TR- tricuspid regurgitation

JVP- Jugular Venous Pressure

HTN-Hypotension or high blood pressure

not a clue with MRC.

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I had to Google them lol x

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Not all that useful to have a copy of a letter you can't read! If you're ever struggling in future you can always give us a call and we can try to decipher things for you!


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