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Travel Insurance irritation

Okay it may have been said many times before but I get very annoyed by the Insurance industry when they exploit the health issues of travelling passengers.

Now I have been travelling with health conditions for more than 15 years so always paid a higher premium. Normally about 50% more than my wife.

Recently that has changed - I travelled with an un-diagnosed heart condition for years, however as soon as it was diagnosed my premiums altered to single trip insurance and jumped by 200%.

The issue is most of the longterm impacts of my condition are managed by medication, I now have low blood pressure, low cholesterol, pain management and vascular dilation medication, so the risk is lower not higher.

I now use Freedom Insurance which offers expensive but reasonable cover. Sorry just venting because I had to pay out more than the airfare for Insurance.

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Totally agree with you, plus when I did have my heart attack the insurance company I was wuth then tried everything to wriggle out of paying

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In many ways I am quite lucky as I belong to a group insurance that insure a 'group' of employees/ex employees and medical issues are generally not taken into consideration as long as: Not travelling against doctors advice, Not terminally ill and finally not travelling to get medical help.

I pay monthly to this scheme for life ins, travel ins, counselling, car break down, lost mobiles and few other bibs and bobs. I am just so glad I didn't cancel it when I retired from work as you cannot rejoin.

It covers up to 60 days, worldwide which is great.

I did have to make a claim when my holiday to Aust/NZ was cancelled earlier this year (doctor said no!!) when I had my diagnosis of Angina and it was relatively painless (to make the claim)

I do want to spend 6 months in Australia just 'being a local' at sometime (I have no family there) and obviously this is outside the cover of travel insurance and having done a dummy run on the compare sites it will cost me between £700 - thousands to be covered so will have to factor that into my holiday. Luckily it is not USA or that would be sky high.

You just have to shop around and try and get the best deals I have found that Go compare and Compare the Market are worth checking out as they can come up with some good deals. Of course until you claim you will never know how good they are.

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Hi I have heart failure, dilated cardiomyopathy, I got travel insurance with a company called, insure with. Com, they specialise in this kind of thing, I paid £112 for the year with no excess x

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