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Heartburn/indigestion advice

Hi, I think I have problems from hearburn or indigestion. I get pains between my shoulder blades or just under my left shoulder. I have been on lanzaprolol for it since March last year abd has been ok but the last month it has started again.

The GP has changes meds to ranitidine and it has been a bit better but still happens nearly every day.

What can I do? I have cut out orange juice and take my meds after breakfast insted of before, any suggestion are appreciated. Thanks

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Hi anke, I'm unsure whether the symptoms you describe are indigestion/heartburn. Not heard of this between the shoulder blades or as high as your left shoulder. Having had both in my time my symptoms were top of the stomach, lower chest. I see from a previous post you had suffered before with angina, I think it's worth a visit to your GP to describe your symptoms and exactly where the pain is, apologies if you've already done this.

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Hi skid, thanks for that, I have seen the GP and was in and out in 5 minutes. She saw 3 patients in 15 minutes, she has changed the medication for heartburn? A few weeks before when I saw her she did refer me too the cardiologist again in a couple of weeks time. When I use the GTN spray when I get these pains it makes me feel worse, so try not to use it as it does go away after a while.

Not long till I am back at thehospital out patients.l


Understood, hopefully better at the out-patients


Just to say my first diagnosis by the GP was heart burn - it was infact angina!! I believe they are often confused. That said I do get terrible acid reflux but I can tell the difference.


I had a simular thing last year and thought it was angina, used my GTN spray twice, no good, husband phoned 999. i was kept in hospital for a day, had tests and a month later a angiogram and they said it was ok and the problem was from acid, due to medication or it could be from small bloodvessels that can not be seen on an angiogram. But I was put on them medication for heartburn. Seems strange it has come back again.


Hi Heather1957, just an other thouht, what causes your acid reflux? I seem to get it from healthy things, like fruit and fruit juice. I can eat cake without any problems, which is not so good I suppose.


Everything and anything!! I try and make sure I never eat after 6 pm or I have an awful night. I have found the strong Gaviscon (from pharmacy) does seem to work for now, I have avoided tablets as I am afraid they will have some form of adverse effect.


Hi anke123 hopefully it's indigestion or heartburn. I was first told I had the same. I had breathlessness and crushing feeling in the neck and jaw still was told it was I or H. I was then sent for an ultrasound scan on my heart nothing showed. I kept persevering and had a Mir scan and this showed a build up in my artery. an angiogram then showed I needed a bypass. If you think something is wrong and you are not happy with the diagnosis get a second opinion and keep persevering


Hi Barry62, think I will try the GP again, as the new meds she gave me are only for a few weeks and she did tell me to come back if it did not work. I do hope it is just from heartburn, as I have been doing very well since I had a stent put in 2 years ago. I did do a walk last week that went uphill a lot and I felt ok.

Hope you have been ok since your bypass.

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6 week in and apart from discomfort in my chest and swelling in leg I feel fine

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I agree with skid112,

I seem to get mine mainly on left side, but also high up in my stomach.

On my last visit to tge Gp, I asked her why was it, did she thonk that I seem to suffer this in left side of chest. I said it is really confusing when i am asked do I have chest pain. I don't know if it is reflux or heart related?

My Gp said the trouble with reflux is it quite often picks an area to settle. And it will return there more than anywhere else in the body.

She said some people will get it on their side, but further round the back.

When I told one of the premed nurses about a really sharp constant pain half way up my spine last year, he said that could be cardiac. Well I think he was correct, because that poticula pain disappeared after my bypass.

My advice though is as skid112 said. It sounds like you need a professional opinion right now.

Make notes while getting an appointment sorted out, of when & how it starts each time. Note diet habits building up to reflux episode.

Also if it is when you are on the move or at rest.

All these records could visually help your Gps understand what may be going on. Therefore make dession on what action to take next.

Don't stress yourself on maybes, you can't treat what you don't know. And of course we are just here to advise on our own experiences. We are far from medically equipped with knowledge of your symptoms. So pleade go and get things checked.

Keep us updated on how things are going. Sending supportive hugs, Jo ☺


Thank you for that advice. I did start writing down yesterday when it happened and it seems most mornings it starts before I have eaten anything. One time I did get breathless too and did use the GTN spray and felt much better after that.

It is really good to hear other peoples experiences and helps to know we are not on our own. I did try some apple juice this morning and that was not a good idea. I am seeing the GP on Friday, booked to see a different one, as the other one hardly gave me time to say anything. I am making notes too for next weeks visit to the hospital.Thanks again, Anke


You are welcome, I would take a copy of you findings to the Gp ad well.

You see I think sometimes when wr talk to our Gp and for whatever reason, could be non heart related. I mean anything headache, sore toe, hahaa anything.

I think the doctor hears us, but they don't really hear us if you know what I mean.

I don't think it is that they don't care, I just think they have way too many patients to deal with. Therefore it all gets a bit muddled & confusing for them. They almost look through you sometimes, like they are somewhere else. Pretty much over worked a great deal of the time.

So my point, well I think that is where documentation comes in handy.

They can gi through the list at their own pace.

So then instead of hearing us going on & on in their eyes.

They can question us on each smpton when they are ready to take it in.

It takes away any anxiety on both sides. You'll come out of their office feeling heard at last. Kerp smiling, you'll get it sorted ☺☺

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