Thank you !

Firstly, thanks to my respondents , for the advice & reassurance. The day with the grandchildren has been fine. They were on their best behaviour & I did feel it was easier up & down the stairs there today (I live in a flat). However, I developed a migraine come tea time & whilst I do suffer from these occasionally, must make a note of could be due to watching the Transformers film in 3D on their giant screen !!!

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  • Haha I think the transformers would give anyone a migraine, well done you

  • Hahaa, yes I bet you are right. Aww, I am glad you had a good day though, I know you were nervous about it.

    Glad to here you are doing fine coming off the beta blockers, I thought you would be bettet off.

    I am trying to remember how I was when they took me off the beta blockers for a year. I think I was not too bad really. I think I found breathing a lot easier, can't quite remember?

    I was only put back on them due to the Arterial fibrillation business. Who knows when I see the consultant in September, he or she may take me off them again.

    I hope your migraine eased time you got home & you had a good night's sleep :))))

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