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Heart faliure work or not ?


Hi in heart faliure, ICD fitted. EF low, SOB . Getting exhausted ,am pushing myself to go to work still, only 24 hours . Consultant + gp last October want me to go 18 hrs.

Consultant has already said done all he can, next transplantation. What kind of financial support can i get if I reduce hours or go sick , can I take early retirement?

I'm 50 any suggestions ? Am I mad to continue working? Worked so hard to get the job I'm doing , break my heart to give up.


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Hi I've got heart failure had a icd fitted I'm workin full time still I get personal independent payment pip n disabled tax it's like working tax


Thanks wodney

Will have a look at disabled tax . Hadn't heard of this before



Hi James - sorry to hear how exhausted you are, and you're right to explore your options about work and retirement etc. There's a charity called Turn2Us that might be able to help you figure out what you can apply for: turn2us.org.uk/

You can also speak to a pensions advisor or accountant about how much you have in your pot and plan for the future.

I hope this helps.

Take care,



Thanks chris

Will go see about pension also, glad signed up here . Is nice to ask and find others in similar situations


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My company cut my contacted hours right back when I had my HT 2014. They took me off the job I loved & made me do a job that was too physically demanding.

Had to go sick last August when consultant said things were pretty bad & I needed the bypass.

Work said I had not ern't enough in that past year to pay my stamp. So I get DWP to help me out, I don't have enough points for PIP.

I have just received my application form to access if I am still ellgeble for DWP.

I am in the process of sorting out dog walking, pet sitting.

Was meant to go for MRI for spine & joint issues yesterday.

But woke up to tummy upset at 03:40 in the morning, so of course didn't want to carry virus into hospital. So now I will have to wait for nrw appointment.

Really haven't felt poticually well for last few days.

Tummy still unsettled.

So what scares me is, the system recons evan though we struggle with my sick pay & my fella's poor wage. That he earns just over the borderline. So I think they will stop that sick pay now it has been a year. And evan though some days I don't feel too bad.

I am scared of these knock backs messing up the new dog & other pet business.

Then my fella will struggle evan more financially than we are now.

Blood pressure pretty high now, palpations for last few hours, with chest discomfort.

But as you guys know, half tge time it's reflux or anxiety. So we just never know whether to put up & shut up. Or make the call to be stuck in A&E over night, to then be sent home none the wiser?

That is what worries me for future employment.

So James, if you hear of any other support out, please pass it on.

Hope you manage to get some rest, Jo :)


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