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Heart rate and extra beats

Any advice please. Had an ultra sound that came back nothing structurely wrong so then had a 24hr ecg done and come back with rare rate dropping with extra beats, heart beat higher and getting extra beats and heart stopping. Get really bad chest pain. They have put me on beat blockers before I go see cardiologist on 21st august. Anyone with the same ? Or anyone know what the next stepchild possible be? Thanks for reading

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Hello - it's good to hear that you've got a cardiology appointment booked in. They'll want to go through the results of your 24hr ECG and then perhaps take another to see how you're doing on your beta blockers.

It's always best to go with a list of questions you want to ask too so you don't forget on the day.

Hope this helps.

Take care,


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My heart rate drops to between 35-45 bpm and this is when my heart stops and also get ectopic beats and it sounds like my heart shook back into rhythm. My doctor did mention that they may look into a pacemaker which is scaring me as I'm only 25. My first appointment with the cardiologist is on Monday but even with out seeing me he has put me on bisoprolol which isn't helping still feeling dizzy with heart palpitations, feeling sick, falling asleep for no reason, feel extremely exhausted no matter how much sleep I get. My heart also doubles and goes high without me doing anything also with ectopic beats.


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