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Could my dizziness be related to my blood pressure?

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For the last 6+ months, I have been struggling with dizziness when standing, lack of energy etc. A few seconds after I stand I feel light headed and usually have to stop for a few seconds until it passes. It lasts around 30-60 seconds usually then I'm fine until I sit down and stand up again. It's not every time, around half the time I would say. Occasionally I also feel like I'm a bit out of breath after it happens.

I have suffered from anaemia in the past and thought it might be this again so a few days ago I had a blood test (awaiting the results). But I have also been told on a few occasions to have my blood pressure checked because it was high.

I recently bought a home blood pressure monitor so I could track my blood pressure and let my doctor know the results if needed. I suffer from anxiety which means I don't think my readings at the doctors at very accurate because I'm anxious. I also occasionally take propranolol for anxiety which would reduce my reading. I had it taken on Tuesday and she said it was fine (I had taken propranolol before the appt).

The last time I took propranolol was on Tuesday (today is Thursday) so I assume it will have left my system so I can only assume my blood pressure readings from today are accurate (correct me if I'm wrong).

Lying down reading


Pulse 42

Standing reading


Pulse 78

Lying down reading


Pulse 46

At a recent doctor appt (duty dr) to discuss my symptoms the doctor mentioned postural hypotension and said to see my gp about my blood pressure it was 145/93 (no propranolol was taken) she advised me to stand up slowly (I often sit with both my legs up on the sofa).

I wondered do these readings suggest postural hypotension? or perhaps something else? I can't understand why my blood pressure is so high (probably anxiety related) then quite low, especially upon standing. I'm also a little shocked at my pulse because I'm not fit in the slightest.

If the blood results don't show anything I will be following up at the doctors regarding my blood pressure. I just think due to my anxiety it's going to be difficult to get calm readings as I do at home.

Any advice or suggestions of things to mention to the dr would be much appreciated.

3 Replies

Hi Violet,

I'm afraid I can't really help you with your questions but didn't want you to feel like your post was being ignored. Blood pressure is an ever changing thing and can vary quite a bit depending on what you're doing, time of day, what you've just eaten etc.

Before your next appointment, take your BP every day, at the same time every day, for a week and take the results in with you. Such evidence can only help with diagnosis.

Sorry I can't be more help.


Hi Violet,

Looking at those readings you sound fit as a fiddle. I would be concerned regarding the dizziness and maybe you need to be more hydrated drinking more water etc.

Blood pressure fluctuates so yes as Marc said, do record these readings especially in the morning before breakfast and later in evening. Inform your gp.


Hello there - postural hypotension would certainly have been my first thought. It's obviously really unpleasant to feel so dizzy when you stand up, but taking things a little more slowly should help.

You're right that your heart rate is a little on the slow side - have you asked your GP about having an ECG? Beta blockers like propanolol do slow your heart rate down but if these readings were taken when you'd been off them then you may need to try a different drug that doesn't lower your heart rate, but still keeps your blood pressure under control.

I hope this helps.




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