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Post Op vomiting

Did anyone else experience an unusually long period in which they would vomit after their surgery?

I vomited a lot in ITU then stopped for 2 days, then isolated incident on ward (day 5)- discharged 6, then nothing until horrendous 4hr stint vomiting every 15 minutes on day day 9. Went to A&E but due to the vast array of 10 congenital abnormalities/ diseases the doctor was out of his depth. Anyway since this I have had a really upset stomach not able eat enough calories for a five year old child. Then today day 19 I have been vomiting again. Least to say this really hurts my sternum and I am bloody hungry.

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Hi Midgeymoo17,

I'm not surprised you are hungry! So sorry to hear about your ongoing upset stomach and vomiting. This can be quite normal in the first few days following surgery due to the anaesthetic and drugs given in theatre and ICU but should definitely have subsided by now.

I'd recommend a chat with your GP about what could be causing your vomiting and if it continues do not be afraid to head back to A&E. We don't want you becoming dehydrated! The GP may be able to give you some meds in the short term to combat the nausea whilst they get to the bottom of what is causing it.

Hope this helps,

Take care,



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