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Hi everyone. All this is new to me. No real problems till a few weeks ago and now the proud possessor of stents. The inevitable blood thinning and anti-platelet drugs are causing me one problem. Shaving. The slightest nick just bleeds and bleeds for hours.

Solution Number One is obvious. Grow a beard for the first time in my life.

Can't say I fancy growing face fungus, so is there an alternative?

Gentlemen of the Clean Face variety, over to you for advice!

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Evening, yup welcome to the anti platelet team. I alternate wet and electric razor. That's to say wet shave Monday and Friday and take a little more care

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Also watch out for the bruising, the slightest touch results in some lovely colours appearing

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Welcome Adrian. As usual, I can't add much to what Mark has said, you can only take more care if you wet shave. You'll get used to having gold and purple bruises all over, caused by literally anything.


Or, you could shave in plenty of time. Then put presure on it for roughly ten minutes. But don't relax the presure, you really do have to press hard.

Good luck, you'll need the patients :)


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