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Renewed DVT

I am a fit 93 year old male. Golfing,(riding a buggy), Tai Chi classes and walking 40 minutes daily to visit my wife in Care. On 4 July I stared medication and my having a DVT was confirmed.

In 2011 I recovered from a. Pulmonary Embolism, using Warfarin. This time I'm taking 30 mg daily of Xarelto for three weeks then shall be on 20mg rivaoxaban daily thereafter. A simpler process, avoiding weekly blood tests.

BUT I have just read that during the first 4 weeks is the most likely time for the risk of a blood clot breaking off and getting into my blood stream.

I obviously have to make changes to my life style to lessen this risk.

Any Suggestions ?

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Dear GolferLen,

Here is a link to more information on DVT:-


In regards to advice it would be best for you to seek this from your DVT clinic as they will have all your medical history.

It sounds as though you are very active which is great to hear.

I hope you have a speedy recovery.

Kind regards,

Fiona - BHF

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Hello there - thanks for replying Fiona_BHF

It certainly sounds like you're very fit and active and already doing a lot of the right things. There are some really great tips on the link Fiona sent to you, but just to reassure you that you're probably already doing all you can so as long as you're taking your medications then your risk will be as low as it can be.

Take care, Chris


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