Blood clot after heart attack


I had a heart attack in Januarydue to full blockage of the left ventricular artery. After 6 weeks I had an MRI which showed I have a blood clot following the scarring where the problem was. I am now on warfarin. I never had any heart problems and in fact no medical conditions before. I am 52 widower with an 11 year old child and very worried about the future. I have a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly. The doctors are not saying much that helps me feel more optimistic. Can someone please let me know if they have gone through the same and how was it for them. Thank you.

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  • I had a heart attack when I was 55 and while I was still in hospital they performed an echocardiogram that detected what they thought was a clot in my left ventricle. Because of this I was put on warfarin. I had a follow-up echocardiogram at 4 weeks.

    It was suggested that I would be on warfarin for at least six months. Around the six month mark I had an MRI and this could find no evidence of a clot so the warfarin was stopped.

  • Hi Jim

    Thank you for your response. It is very reassuring and helpful. I am glad you are clear of the clot. I hope for the same.

  • Rather than waiting for your next cardiology appointment... why don't you go speak to your GP as they will have everything on file that your cardiologist has said it might put your mind at ease and if you have any concerns tell your GP ...♥️

  • Thanks for the response. I have spoken to my go and he seems rather clueless and keeps telling me to talk to my cardiologist.

  • Your GP should be sent any results from cardiologist... I would see another Gp in your practice to help put your mind at ease ♥️

  • He does have the results. However, when I ask about prognosis or clarification ( about the clot and EF) he refers me to the cardiologist. And when I push for answers all the GPS I see are rather ambiguous.

  • You should ask them to email your cardiologist and ask for an appointment to put your mind at ease... ♥️

  • Hi there, I had heart attack march 21st and 3 stents fitted . I was very fit and no symptoms though my younger brother has heart problems. 3 weeks ago I had echocardiogram and was informed they found a clot in damaged part of heart and was told I need to start warfarin. I have been somewhat shocked by this to say the least. Have had conflicting reports about warfarin, will it disperse clot? Will I be on warfarin for life, one of the nurses said this would probably be the case. Gonnna try to see cardiologist to get some clarification on things, he has told me to have another echocardiogram in 6 weeks now. Obviously worried about having another heart attack.

  • Thanks for your response. It is really worrying to think there is a blood clot in the heart. I was told exactly the same reason for it happening and have an echocardiogram booked for September. I have also had conflicting points of view, with a Dr saying I will come off warfarin by end of August and another saying I will be on them for life.

    How is your EF now and has it improved since your stent procedure? Mine was 38% after my heart attack and went up to 45% 7 weeks after. My cardiologist seems more concerned with that than the clot.

    I hope you are feeling better .


  • They never told me my ef after 2nd echocardiogram they seemed more concerned about clot. It's one of the things I need clarification on. Ef after heart attack was 36 but I'd been back exercising and sort of had been expecting good news on that front. Seems good your end that they seemed more concerned with ef than clot. Can't get thought of clot out of my head and also don't like idea of being on warfarin continuously. I actually am physically well but not mentally! They also started me on clopidogrel as welll as warfarin.

  • I am on clopdigoral too. I really empathise with what you're going through. I too am feeling good physically but mentally not so. Lots of anxiety. I think the best bit is that they found the blockage sorted it out and with the tablets the clot are less dangerous. I find the hardest part the doctor's ambiguity and conflicting thoughts. It is normally to have emotional and mental difficulties. It's such a shock to the system and very hard to just get on with it. Keep focusing on how well you feel physically and most importantly keep an eye on your stress levels.

  • Thanks. Have tablets dispersed your clot ? We seem very similar cases. Helps to talk to someone going through similar thing. I know it is lucky they found it I suppose. Thanks for the replies.

  • I agree. I was so worried and scared before. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    I will find out in September if the clot is gone.

  • I will find out about then too. Does warfarin disperse clot or just make it stop getting worse? What happens if clot is not gone. Sorry for asking so many questions. I am actually on holiday in Isle of Man . Gonna ask to see cardiologist when I get home

  • Warfarin will thin the blood so much that it will eventually get rid of the clot. Everyone I've spoken to says it is very effective. It's great that you are on holiday. Hope you are having a good time and remember the clot is being treated so enjoy your time away.👍

  • Thanks for your help.

  • Got some good news today clot has dispersed. I'm gonna get another echocardiograph in a month and cardiologist said he then intended to take me of warfarin. Are you getting echo soon?

  • That's fantastic news! You must feel great. I have my echo next month. My ing numbers took ages to go over 2 so I'm on 9 mg of warfarin. I hope to get some good news too. Do you mind if I ask you what was the maximum mg of warfarin you were taking daily?

    Hope you keep getting more and more good news. :)

  • Yeah feeling much better I had been very anxious over last 8 weeks. My cardiologist did mention today that he had expected warfarin to help so hopefully you will be the same. They also told me clot had been big so even though I hope to get off it soon it does seem to be quite effective. Let me know how you get on.

  • Warfarin was generally 6 or 7 mg but was 9 once or twice at beginning.

  • Thanks

    Mine started at 5 and 6 but it has been 8 and 9 over the past 7 weeks. My highest ing has been 2.2

  • Hi

    I hope you are feeling good. Just an update about me. I had an echo earlier and UnfortUnately notgood news. The blood clot is still there, my ejection fraction is lower and the bit of my heart that was damaged is thickening. I feel really down. I have taken all the meds religiously and have been on a strict diet and doing cardio rehab and other exercises. This has really given me a knock just when I was starting to feel normal.

  • hi Sass, so sorry to hear this, I know it's early days but what are your options here? Surgery to remove the clot any other meds they are considering?

  • I am supposed to see him end of October. The scan man was telling me not to worry about the EF much. He did show me the bit of the heart that's died and that freaked me out. I am thinking of this happened after 6 months what will be like in another 6!

  • Feel really gutted for you. Has your cardiologist talked to you about what he plans now?

  • Thank you. I'll see him at the end of the month. I've been on 9mg of warfarin for 5 months and clopdigoral. I was just hoping for a bit of good news to build on...

  • Why do you have to wait until end of month? My cardiologist saw me after echo and actually came in as echo was being done on last one. I have a follow up this Thursday.

  • Wow

    Are you in London? That's amazing. That only happens here if I go private. I hope if they think I need to see him they would make it sooner.

    I also hope all is going to be ok for you on Thursday.

  • Thanks. I'm in lisburn, Northern Ireland

  • Scan guy also showed me damaged part of heart and both him and cardiologist also said not to dwell too much on echo fraction.

  • Hi Sass, It's a very resilient muscle, hopefully your consultant can help and give you a better idea if what to expect going forwards. From what I have read it's quite common after heart attacks to have damage and scar tissue

  • Thank you for your positive response. I am going to be positive too and keep working at it.

  • Welcome and honestly we've all been in the down boat and needed help getting out

  • Cardiologists secretary phoned me last Friday afternoon and said to stop warfarin. How are you keeping?

  • Hello

    I am so happy for you, that must be such a relief. I tried to do the same and am waiting to hear from the doctor. I wanted to ask you, following your HA was there any damage to your heart? That's the bit that's giving me the most sleepless nights.

  • Yes there has been damage to my heart. Ejection fraction after attack was 36 and now is about 40. Was very active before but I've been doing cardio rehab, walking, cycling, swimming and yoga but not pushing as hard as I used to.

  • The rehab has been good for me too and lessened the fear. I started tai chi last week and that was good. My e.g. went up 6 weeks after my HA but I think it's gone down or stayed the same...

    We have to keep very active. I saw some recent research that showed a lot of excersise can reverse some of the damage to the heart.

  • Moderate exercise is the key. I was told to keep hr no higher than 130 but beta blockers help keep the hr down and I've been exercising fairly strenuously at times.

  • They stopped my beta blockers 4 weeks after my HA as my blood pressure was very low.

  • Good news indeed hopefully sass gets good news too

  • Thanks skid...i hope so. I want to stop worrying and get on with things.

  • How are things? Have you had echocardiogram?

  • Hello

    Yes I did on the 15th of September. And I was due to see the cardiologist October 25th but even before the scan they postponed my appointment until March 4th!! I am livid. Spoke to my go and he said he'll chase them up. I called the cardiologists secretary and she said the scan report has been sitting on the doctor's desk since 25th of September and he still hasn't looked at it. To make matters worse, the guy that did the scan kept showing me the part of my hard that has been damaged and said there was thickening and said my ef was lower than before. He didn't tell me about the blood clot. Just asked how long I had been taking warfarin and to keep taking it. I am sorry for the rant, just feel frustrated and very worried.

    How are things with you. I hope you are feeling stronger with each passing day.

  • Hello,

    Sorry you in such a position and understandably worried. Due to various bits of ill health in the family, I found my way to an understanding of medicine which aims to get the body back to proper normal optimal functioning - some people call it Functional Medicine - and I now know there is A LOT one can do alongside / instead (maybe at some point) pharmaceutical and what convential doctors tell you. (they ont know any differently, si I try to be patient, hear their test results and go off and do my own research .

    Here is a long reply I just wrote to someone - its quite general, you might have to scroll down to find my bit

    To regaim optimal health you have to work out what is not right, and rebalance it to fix it.

    Do you have any blood test results? Folate, C-RP, thyroid stuff, iron, vitamin D, B12, electrolytes (calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium)? you can get homocysteine tested privately with Medichecks. Homocysteine can be rectified apparently with the right supplements.

    Did they tell you you have any heart failure? What other meds are you on?

    Di you know the book The Perfect Health Diet? It is SO good... it explains why many convential diet guidelines are wrong ( other sources do this too) - like saturated fat is NOT unhealthy, the begetable oils are (except avocado and olive etc) , it explains why to avoid grains and why sugar is problematic.

    If you find a functional medicne practitioner you may find that more helpful. I’m an engineer, and this way of looking at ill health and optimal health suits me, but I am by no means a trained expert.

    I just wanted to let you know that you do have options and you can do more for your own health than the regular docs will let you know about.

    Happy to respond more if you want,

    all the best

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