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New 6 weeks post AVR and endocarditis

Hi had aortic valve replaced 6 weeks ago slow recovery but getting there ! Slowed by endocarditis which didn't help the congenital defect. Still grateful to be alive

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Hi Chris,

I had aortic surgery in November 2016 and developed pneumonia and another infection post op. It knocked me back and took me around 10 weeks to feel like I was making progress so stay in there. I did lots of walking gradually increasing the distance each week, some days were awful but managed to find places locally that I didn't know existed. Keep up the hard work and I'm sure things will improve.

All the best


Hi thank you walking seems the way to go !


Nearly week 12 now (May 4) and still getting some chest ache and tightness on the scar, rehab week 3 seems to help physically But mentally I really don't know where I am - up/down should be going back to work soon which is scaring me a lot. worried I can't cope with the stress ( I have an accountamcy practice) .

Can hear the valve and feel the heart thumping when on my back which Is odd but proof I'm alive ! I think my main worry was the endocarditis that brought forward the AVR operation for biscupid that was due to have this year anyway. the endo made my heart very weak and full of clots had 4 days in ITU rather than 1 apparently I'm lucky to be here according to the surgeon. This is starting to really effect me I think as I believed 6 weeks post AVR I would be fine (before the endo) recovery is so slow.......

Anyone else struggling as well ?


My husband had endiocarditis ,had to have aorta valve replaced in hospital for 6weeks infection has gone now after long course of intravenous antibiotics ,home now but recovery is so slow ,he feels really tired and weak is this normal ,how long does it take for full recovery ?


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