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Alternative biologics


Due to bad side effects of acitretin it has been suggested that I use either adalimumab or risankizubab of which it is reported that the latter has higher efficacy

Side effects of adalimumab appear to be predominantly headache and various bowel issues. Has anyone any experience of risankizumab?

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I have been on Stelara, Otezla, acitretin and Cosentyx.

Acitretin - Awful stuff

Otezla- Did not work for me

Stelara- Worked great (stopped for Thyroidectomy) restarted but was no longer effective.

Cosentyx- Works great - After 2 years its having break through skin issues.

Biologics are a trial and error type of medication ( I have not had issues). I think its smart to not stop biologics of ANY kind the back lash can be brutal.

I learnt this the hard way when my Endocrinologist stopped my Stelara prior to Thyroidectomy because they don’t understand this drug ... My backlash for doing it Psoriatic Arthritis so bad I spent 2 years home bound and I still have issues 4 years later.

Fishing1949 in reply to Batty1

Thanks for the info - I’m sorry to hear that you still have issues and I hope that they will be resolved in the near future.

I agree with you that acitretin is awful in terms of side effects While all drugs can have different side effects on each person, based on my experience I would suggest acitretin should only be taken as a last resort.

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