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New here looking for advice

Hello, I was diagnosed with PSA about 4 months ago. Been taking methotrexate and leflunomide for about a month, now my ALT has gone up to 390 AST 290. My Rheum has said to go off all meds. Anyone with similar results? Biologics next?

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Hi. I’m also new. I was on Methotrexate for about 6 months but then found I couldn’t stomach it (literally was trying not to vomit as I was trying to get rest of the 10 little blighters down). My rheumatogist said to come off straight away and I’m now on Sulphasaline which is fine. My knees still hurt when I walk too much but it could be worse.

Hope you find a solution to suit you.


Thanks for the reply! I just went to by Rheumy today and we are going to try Enbrel so we will see how that works. I havent tried Sulphasaline. I have to go through the hoops of getting the medical system and insurance to cover the cost first though. My biggest problem is my tendons. Heal and hands. The other issue is the tiredness.


Gosh tendons and hands sounds hard. My issue is “just” my knees. I realise I misspelled Sulphasalazine. As I’m in the UK luckily the NHS covers most stuff. Thank heavens (at the moment anyway)


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