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When did you first experience psoriasis?


The first question in the series asks about when you first discovered your diagnosis.

When did you first notice symptoms of psoriasis? Where did the symptoms first appear? How long did it take you to get a diagnosis?

Share your experiences and interact with other members in the comments below!

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I’ve psoriasis since a small child I was about two years old.

Can’t say how long it took to be diagnosed. Or symptoms I had.

I was with my skin specialist from age 5 until he retired.which was about 30 yrs

I’m 52 now

Hope that helps 🙂


I had a psoriasis diagnosis 11 years ago, but I cannot attest to that, some docs didn’t agree. I’m 51.

My first episode of Psoriasis was just after my first child was born. In retrospect, I now know after my daughter was born I contracted a few autoimmune illnesses. My first GP said it didn't matter what it was but that I needed some cream. I become aware of it being Psoriasis after a few months but was not given a diagnosis until some years later when I moved house and had a different GP.

I was diagnosed about 2 years by a doctor in community dermatology. Mine is palmoplantar psoriasis which adds to long list of autoimmune diseases. It’s very hard to keep under control. I have it on my right sole of my foot, my right heel, toes and my left big toe which is slowly spreading. None on my palms as of yet.

I was diagnosed when I was about 6 years old (at a London Hospital) when a chicken pox spot never healed.

It feels as if I have had psoriasis all my life! Although it started 52 years ago it wasn’t diagnosed for several years later. Just on the sole of one foot and the palms of both hands.

I’ve had several sessions of PUVA at the hospital but the improvement doesn’t last long!

Hi Maddie, I first became aware of a rash on my head about 30 yrs ago I started using medicated shampoo but it didn’t have any effect. After I was diagnosed with RA a rash started on my feet and spread all over my body other then face the worst part was the itching before the rash appeared.Its now mainly restricted to the tops of my feet. I’m 72 yrs old and on Biologic injections.

Regards Mike


I probably had it since I was a child, but was only diagnosed a about two years ago (at age 38). For me it is mainly inside my ear (beginning of the ear canal) so no one had noticed. I've always scratched inside my ears until it started bleeding though

Last year, when being investigated for psoriatic arthritis. I probably had it before then but didn't know.

Hi everyone, im 51 & ive had Psoriasis since i was a baby. It started when i was teething. I was referred to hospital in my 20's, ive tried many creams & have had lots of UVB treatment which helped clear my skin for a few month's. I now have Psoriatic Arthritis & inject Methotrexate weekly which has cleared my skin completely.

I first developed signs of psoriasis on the palms of my hands around 20 years ago when I was around 40. I thought I might have 'picked up' something on the handles of gym equipment. Successive nurses and GP's just thought it was eczema or dermatitis and gave me various creams, none of which helped. It was in 2006 that I first developed pain in my my knees and ankles, and over the following five years, despite seeing GP's and Rheumatologists, my joint pain and skin symptoms worsened, but still no diagnosis.

It was only when I moved to a different area in 2010 and insisted on being referred to a new rheumy consultant that I finally got a diagnosis of PsA, I think around 2011/2012. I was also referred to a dermatologist around that time to treat the psoriasis which was reasonably successful and I was discharged, but I currently regularly see a dermatologist for a different condition (Lichen Sclerosus), I am able to raise any problems around psoriasis with her.

I have had Psoriasis since my early twenties , I am 53 now .

It started round my mouth like a red lolly rash and I had a old fashioned patch test on my back to identify allergies and eventually, after a long wait , saw a dermatologist who diagnosed Psoriasis. As you are all suffers you will know it travels round your body. I have had light treatment nearly every year along with with steroid based topical treatments.

I have just got my legs/body quite clear for my scalp and groin to have flare ups- oh joy.

When I was 27 and suffering with a lot of stress it came on out of nowhere. 13 years later cleared up almost completely when pregnant and then came back with a vengeance!

I developed psoriasis when I was pregnant with my second child,it left me when I had him but 10yrs later I developed psoriatic arthritis,however it did take years to be diagnosed as most of you know it's hard to detect,it surfaced again when I went on methatrexate, many years down the line,after lotions and potions far to many to mention, pain killers steroid injections etc,all the usual suspects,I've been using cbd oil for the arthritis pain and also alovera gell (for drinking) that was recomended as a cleanser for toxins in the body, I don't know which one I can attribute the disappearance of my itching and psoriasis but its gone,no one is more shocked than me, I am absolutely gobsmacked,I have spent a small fortune plus precriptions meds over the years, I didn't even take the oil or gell for psoriasis.I had a slight flair up 3 wks ago I'd ran out of oil,so maybe it's that but I'm not sure, just thought I'd share that info with you, this suited me it may not suit everyone. blessings to all

I am 48 and never had P until around 2011. A small patch on my left elbow about the size of a 1p coin. Thought nothing of it and used E45 on it most of the time. In early 2012, I then developed 4 more patches at various points on my body, no bigger that a 10p. I saw my GP and these were treated with steroid creams, but as soon as I stopped using the cream, the patches came back slightly bigger and with slightly more "scales". Over the summer I also had it in my groin, not very comfortable. In the Sept I had a sickness bug, after that the P just grew and grew. I was referred to a Derm and put onto UVA, but the P was still growing. After about 3 sessions of UVA treatment(I think I made it to 30 seconds in the booth; it took longer to get undressed than it did to be treated!!!) my claves had started to swell and they grew to the size of my thighs (I am not a small chap and ex-rugby player with quite large thighs!!) and I was 80% covered in P. I was diagnosed as Erythrodermic. I was put on Cyclosporine and spent 6 weeks on the sofa with my legs higher than my hips to try and get the fluid out of my claves. The Cyclosporine started working almost immediately and was very effective.

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