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When you were first diagnosed with psoriasis, what was your doctor's initial advice?


When you were first diagnosed, what was your doctor's initial advice?

What were the good things you learned at diagnosis? What worried you most about the diagnosis?

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When I was first diagnosed.I had an old school doctor and his answer was to have creams applied to your psoriasis in my case from head to toe.Then nurses would wrap me in body badges for 22hours a day.Then I would have bath with some bath tar then stand in sun beds and nurse would let you be badge free for an hour.I used to spend weeks some time months in hospital eeh them were the days 🙂

Ha. I didn't get any. I was handed a prescription but had to ask what to do with the items listed on it as I didn't receive any explanation.

Like CloudGazer Just handed a prescription. No advice and wasn't even told it was Psoriasis.

I was first diagnosed around 15 years ago when I had what looked like severe impetigo on my forehead! When antibiotics didn’t work I was sent to specialist and received light therapy which was great. Over the years I have dealt with small patches on elbows, in ears and scalp and then it al cleared up when pregnant 3 years ago. After the birth of my Daughter it came back with a vengeance all over and I am mid light therapy currently.

I have been more concerned with regards to the RA, I use Balnium cream to help sooth the psoriasis.Strangely it seems to clear up whilst away on holiday, wish that was on prescription.( joking of course )


I was so young when I was diagnosed I don’t remember much. All I remember is the skin behind my ears and on my scalp flaking off and going to a dermatologist who said it was psoriasis. He recommended an OTC cream that we used which helped. The psoriasis never got out of control and laid dormant for almost two decades after that. However, it was never really relayed to my mom that this was an AUTOIMMUNE disorder that needed an eye kept on it. I feel like had this been explained, I would have understood I should have looked into this when my chronic pain started around 19, and it may have not taken 10 years before a doctor put the pieces together that it was psoriatic arthritis. A lot of pain could have been lessened. I feel like it was just portrayed as a skin problem, which it is, and that if the skin problem could be controlled, everything was good. Unfortunately for me there were a lot more layers to my story.

My GP referred me to a Dermatologist who told me that I had inverse psoriasis and advised steroid and moisturising creams. It would come and go and eventually referred for light treatment. It took some time before an appointment was available by which time I had managed using steroid cream to reduce significantly so sent away with no treatment needed. Three months later back again but still have what is described as moderat cover and still using steroid and moisturiser.

My GP referred me to community dermatology who diagnosed me. I was put on diprosalic which was useless for my PPP, so I now use dermovate when it’s bad and calcipotriol. Trouble is I have to use the dermovate at least twice a week to stop the awful itching


No advice from doctors. I was not worried because I had no idea of what this disease meant. It sounds daft but information was scarce back then.

Very little advice eytc i found more on this web cite. What worried me is it can attack any part of the body and organs u rheumy doedt bother with this

I was only 5 or 6 ... and it was extremely mild at that time.

After the labs came back with identification of the pustules on the soles of my feet, Palmoplantar Pustular psoriasis, my dermatologist told me that if they should ever begin to break out all over body, to get to the hospital immediately. At that point it becomes Von Zumbusch disease, my body will not be able to regulate temperature and I will be in danger of dehydration. That advice - with that look on his face - and scenario is what worried me the most - & continues to do so.

Hi, MaddieHU, I was diagnosed over 20 years ago, It was when I went to see a Rheumatologist, I had like a crater in my hand right in the middle, The consultant looked at it and said" what is that" I told him oh it is nothing I will put a plaster on when I get home, to which he replied, "hang on I will be back, I need to check something" I waited and waited, He came back with another consultant, who looked and stared and looked some more, I heard the consultant say, " good call" I did not know what he was on about and didn't bother to ask, I was not told right then and there, was referred to Dermatology, I met a very nice Consultant who told me only 2% of the populous has this, started me on a load of meds, none of which worked, then after a long while it has gotten worse and worse was told they could do no more, I was put onto the scrap heap, and left, until March this Year when I had an operation, and wham it all come back with vengence.

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