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hi all

I'm 50 and suffered psoriasis since 7 years of age with frequent hospital admissions.

I also have psoriatic arthritis since my 20s and more recently spondilitus in spine and hips ,been on every cream and tablets known to man with varying degrees of success but temporary,saw a new consultant last year and was put on cocentyx from July ,by august psoriasis was gone ,some joints better and some worst namely big toes ,delighted to be psoriasis free since then ,any one needing info id be delighted to help and also esa pip advice 👍

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That is good new and I hope your PsA improves soon x

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Hiya Hun

I’m 52 and had psoriasis since a baby also like you had every treatment going.couple of years ago also found got arthritis and taking methotrexate and sulfasalazine plus high blood pressure x


I tried to get pip but didnt suceed..i have psa asthma and did u get it..😁xxx

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