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Is it ok? Feeling nervous

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Hi, i have had a 6 month break from mtx 10mg injection, this was due to me being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and i have had to decipher which pain is which.

I am not sure if it is ok me to go straight back to 10mg of mtx or do I have yo build the dose back up again? I dont take any other meds for my MS as I found them intolerable, so take MS out of the equation.

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Hi Lindyknagg. Very sorry to hear that you've got MS alongside PsA. I hope things go really well for you.

Always surprises me a little when people ask questions like this, nothing whatsoever wrong with the question, just that you'd think it'd be the first thing your rheumy would cover! So I guess the only answer an ordinary ol' layperson can give is 'check with your doctors'.

Having said that, I always thought that 10mg of Mtx WAS the starting dose in most cases, maybe sometimes 7.5mg but that's not a lot of difference. But do check.

All the best to you.

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