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Penile Psoriasis

I have psoriasis on my penis glans, it started in my late 50s, some of my earlier prescriptions were not suitable for the thin skin in that area, I struggled to control it, GP's didn't seem to know what to do but after going on a waiting list to see a dermatologist for several months he suggested using Curatoderm, it did help a little then months later at a new GP surgery my doctor lady asked me to try Doublebase Dayleve Gel before applying the Curatoderm ointment and even when clear of Psoriasis to continue with the gel at least twice daily, it turned to be good advice, my poor willy looks normal again and I get fewer outbreaks. The only other part of my body that gets psoriasis is under my left thumb nail, I also find this difficult and painful to treat, any tips ?

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Hi Ulrich and welcome to our friendly Forum here on Health Unlocked. I'm glad to hear the treatment worked and maybe others will offer further tips.



Thanks Chloe


Hmmm. If it is the nail bed then perhaps if you treated it the same way you would do a 'fungal nail infection?' The general method is that you use an emery board to scuff the nail and then apply the cream and allow it to penetrate through the nail?

Got to be worth a try!


Thanks for tip Helena, I will try that next time it beaks out.


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