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MTX injections :(

Good Morning,

I saw my rheumatologist last week as a follow up for starting Remicade infusions for my PA and Ankelosing Spondylitis. I am also on MTX. It has been bothering my tummy so he put me on injections of MTX. I'm getting a little nervous about giving myself these injections. I didn't get any training in giving myself an injection. I've been watching YouTube videos to try and figure it out. Any tips to make me not so nervous about starting this on Tuesday?

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Are you not having them at the hospital to start off with? If they are the same as mine they are very simple to do. It's a pen like injection where you don't even see the needle.


They do not have the injectable pen where I live. I got a handful of needles and the MTX. The Pharmacist showed me a little but I'm kinda on my own. From what I've watched, most people do it before bed on their day of MTX. I'm trying not to get too nervous about it, but I am :(


My husband started self-injecting Enbrel for Ankylosing Spondylitis 4 weeks ago, it's just a short needle that you don't see, and it's VERY quick! A nurse came round to show how to do it the first twice, but he has no trouble at all. Good luck.

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Thank you so much. So it will cut out the nausea I'm having from taking the pill form? Any side effects that you've had injecting?


Started doing them myself not too long ago. Doesn't really hurt. I just draw up methotrexate and wipe and go. The key for me is to just not think about it and do it quickly. Good luck you got this!


I take Mtx tablets but yes, as I understand it injectable Mtx should not cause nausea as it bypasses the stomach.

It is scary thinking about injecting (I inject Humira) but once you get into it, it's almost fun! Well that's how I feel now .... I inject while on the phone, while making a cup of tea, while watching tv .... what a big brave girl I am! I did hear someone say they injected their biologic while in a jacuzzi but that doesn't seem like a great idea somehow ....

I hope you feel loads better taking Mtx this way.


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