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Butt folliculitis


Have any one experience a painless folliculitis on butt (3 of them)?

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Yes! I’ve had so so so so many over the years. The only thing that I’ve found that works for me so far is unfortunately prednisone or elocon... hope it gets better soon!

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No pain or itchy?

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Nope! It’s been sore a few times but usually I feel nothing

Hi, yes, really painful spots and very visible. Got somewhat better with colchicine but not completely gone, I tend to use steroid cream on it if painful. May also be worth laser as I experienced some benefit with that. Eg Phillips lumea - if you keep hair free it can help I think. Best wishes

I get folliculitis a lot around butt and vagina. Several on my mons actually lost the top skin and became ulcers. I was told if I needed a GP advice, I'd have to photograph my vagina and uploaded it to an nhs website and I didn't want to do that. Otherwise, I got a nurse call. Was told to put Drapolene/nappy rash baby cream on the bumps and there was no other treatment a nurse could prescribe although in the past I'd had both steroids and/or antibiotics. I used drapolene and it was quite gteady/sticky and it felt like it made the swelling worse. One area did start to heal but then something weird happened. Out of the follicly I got a weird scabby skin tumour growing and it kpt scabbing, bleeding, and had to stop wearing pants or bottoms and walk with my legs apart. The tumour grew fast, I couldn't get an appt to see a doc do I saw a nurse, she had no idea, so was booked into see dermatology who removed the tumour. When I told her it had come out of the hair follicle, and my normal seollrn bump around the base of the hair, she was skeptical.She looked at my other bumps/ulcers that looked like folliculitis, said she wasn't going to complicate my appt I was going to have surgery the nect day with biopsy and I'd have yo ho back to my gp about other bumps/follicle swelling, she knew nothing about Behçet's f it sease, my GP might know more. I couldn't get to see or speak to anyone rlse, couldn't even get an appt to have my stitches removed and had to go to a private out of hours clinic, who made a mess tugging, cutting and leaving many of my sts which caused a massive keloid scar, bruising and swelling. I was totally unable to get any appt to even speak to a GP on the phone.

The way I got rid of my other folliculitis bumps was to bathe every day in lukewarm water, try not to sit on affected parts, wore very loose boxer shorts instead of stretchy tight fabric, and extremely loose in the crotch cotton joggers or a skirt. I only used a tiny bit of Sudocrem on areas ulcerated. I've had a lot of folliculitis over the years and mine personally can be made worse if I put oily sticky creams on if the hair is still in there, there as it seeps into the base and clogs it up. Also, sitting on the area can cause a new grown hair to curl in on itself, then if you have an immune disorder your body attacks it like its a foreign object and behaves like an infection as well as getting an infection. Ointments that are water based worked in the past and I had fucidin gel but nobody wants to prescribe anything now. Modern shower gels really cause a big outbreak in me because thry often have moisturisers in that nk ck my follicles. The outbreak before Christmas was because my brand of Sanex shower gel stopped making plain old blending grl and have added fancy fragrances and oils to it to "hydrate" the skin. Take care with water pressure if you shower. Ours is mains water and fierce and directing a jet at a hair can cause ingrowing hairs.

Keep It away from tight clothes too. Stretch fabrics are known for ingrowing hairs and follicle swelling. Folliculitis can be complex in Behcets I find as I often start with an inflammation but it's sterile, then getting sore or open I get staph infections as they're opportunists. Plus, many people with immune problems are allergic yo staph bacteria excretion. They excrete an acid onto the skin that can cause a wide range of skin irritations including eczema.

Avoid touching ut, to see if it's still there, font squeeze. Sudocrem on yhe surface isn't as bad if you need lubricating for comfort as it dries out. I'd air it, and id also try 100% cotton loose breathable undies which is a nightmare to find these days for women, but not do bad for men.

And my follicular tumour was totally benign and told it was age related. I think it might've been a horn, related to abnormal hair growth as my greyhound had ingrowing hair and grew skin horns. But my dermo lady insisted it was unrelated to my folliculitis and was a coincidental keratosis type thing. But they do form around follicles. And it was getting rubbed and crushed by pants and sitting down. However, when I was on steroids I had even more of them and since then I've been careful because even if it's immune related it can still give opportunity to infection which is made worse by steroids. A GP should suggest something to cover both. It's even possible to get fungal trouble with mine too, then it requires coveting all 3, infection, inflammation and candida.