Anyone got any tips for re-introducing exercise? I am awake for the normal 16 hours a day now, and I am more active - housework, walk to the shops etc. I want to start gentle running again now my meds are working. Anyone else manage to run/jog regularly and if so any tips on how to achieve this without triggering a flare? I used to jog 3/4 times per week, until I realised it would trigger migraine etc. This was well before I had a Behcets diagnosis. I am conscious that my cardio fitness is at an all time low, and I want to do something about it. Yoga has been mentioned, but it doesn't float my boat - dare I say it - I find it rather boring! Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi and glad you are feeling well. I have suffered with BD for almost 32 years and exercise is very important . I would suggest you start by swimming. This is good for loosening muscles not used for a while, it's an all over exercise and it's not weight bearing. Then walking and finally running. You don't want tom fingers on a flare so do start gradually and build on it. I had 3 young children and when I had some remisssion I would dive into cleaning the house properly, garden work, and even som decorating but I always paid hard for it. I'm now older and wiser I do a little exercise every day even in a flare and when I'm feeling good I do a little more and so on. I hope this answers your question. Remember it was the tortoise that won the race😉


  • Should read BRING ON A FLARE....

  • Tortoise apt description of me at the mo!! I will heed your advice, thanks.

  • I agree with Billi and you sam0511 are likely to be the best judge of how far to push yourself and when to rest etc. Easing into more exercise slowly and listening to your body has got to be the best way forward. Do let us know how you get on and good luck.

  • Hi Sam0511, my flares are timed monthly around my hormones. Usually. I am currently on Humira injections, plaquenil, and have just been placed on birth control pills to regulate the hormones to see if that helps the flares.

    I am a runner, and have been for the past 3 years. I have recently ran a half marathon! I find that the exercise has helped me feel better. Since I have began running I have noticed less joint pain and stiffness, fewer colds and sinus problem, and just overall feel better about myself. I still experience the same amount of ulcers though, which is a bummer....

    I would recommend starting slowly for sure, but for me I feel like running is part of my treatment for Behcets. I am fatigued a lot, but when I get outside and get my heart pumping it seems to make the fatigue go away.

    Stay strong! You can do this!

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